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‘Runners Rank in Recycling

The results from Recyclemania 2017 are in, and Roadrunners can take great pride in our strong showing. UTSA finished the Diversion Rate Category in the top 10%, number 18 out of 190 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. In the Total Recycling Category, UTSA finished at number 44 out of 214 colleges and universities. See the category descriptions below:

The Diversion (formerly Grand Champion) category combines trash and each of the core recyclable materials, plus food organics, to determine a school’s recycling rate as a percentage of its overall waste generation. To be ranked in this category, schools provide their trash, paper, cardboard and cans and bottles weights. Electronics and other non-commodity recyclable or compostable materials such as construction debris or yard waste are not included in the Diversion. The leaders have the highest recycling rates, which means they have reduced trash disposal through waste prevention and also have a strong recycling program for the acceptable materials.

Total Recycling
The Total Recycling (formerly Gorilla Prize) category recognizes schools that recycle the highest gross tonnage of combined paper, cardboard, and bottle and cans regardless of campus population. Winners of this competition are typically large universities with extensive recycling program.

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