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New UTSA Cellular Phone Policy: Submit Your Feedback by June 27

UTSA is developing a policy regarding cellular phone use for university purposes. Business Affairs is committed to creating a policy that will ensure consistency and uniformity for UTSA, while continuing to ensure effective communication for employees who need to be immediately accessible. Select, qualified employees whose job duties require the frequent need for cellular phone services may receive supplemental compensation (allowance) to cover the business-related use of a personal cellular phone. The policy does not cover other devices, such as laptops, iPads, tablets, air cards, pagers, mobile radios nor watches. No new phones or service plans may be purchased at this time.

Who May Be Eligible?
Benefits-eligible employees who are required to maintain cell phone contact with UTSA while away from the office or to be accessible outside of regular business hours may be eligible for an allowance.  This may include individuals who:

  • must be available to be contacted and/or respond in the event of an emergency
  • are frequently “on call” or need to be contacted quickly for more than one day per week (during or after regular business hours)
  • work in the field or at job sites where access to landline telephones and/or data network is not readily available
  • frequently travel or are out of the office
  • must be in contact and accessible for critical decision making

A draft of a new HOP Wireless Communication Devices policy has been distributed throughout the university for feedback. Campus community members are invited to review the draft and send input about the policy to their HOP representative or to Gary Lott, director of Financial Services and bursar, by June 27, 2017.  

The Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs is currently reviewing cell phone and service invoices. Staff and supervisors who are paying for cellular service will likely want to review all current cell communication device agreements and identify any related termination fees (note, if utilizing state contracts there will be no termination fees).

The Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs has requested from all those who have purchase orders, procurement cards or non-PO voucher payments involving cellular phone service to:

  • Complete this form, providing carrier, billing account number, department, wireless number, name of user(s) of that number, and monthly charges;  
  • When emailing the form to, please include contract details for each service agreement (if available).

More information will be provided in the upcoming month.