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Roadrunner Raising Awareness and Changing Unhealthy Relationship Behaviors

UTSA-PD Partners with Athletic Department and Nonprofit One Love Foundation

One in three women and one in four men will experience relationship violence in their lifetime. People in and around those relationships often don’t recognize signs of descent into dangerous behavioral patterns. While the statistics include people of all ages and walks of life, college students are among the most likely to be involved in sexual violence.

Randy Bermea speaks to UTSA student athletes about these issues. "To help them understand the severity and magnitude of the problem, I apply the stats to the number of people on the team, so they can look at it from a very personal angle. There are likely several people in the room who are involved with some form of domestic violence or sexual assault."

A runner on the UTSA track team, Randy graduated in May with a degree in Criminal Justice. His major required an internship with a criminal justice agency, so he secured a position with Corporal Maranda Tupper in UTSA-PD’s Community Affairs section, who Randy describes as “amazing.” “She gave me opportunities to do cool and meaningful work,” he explained. One of which was to manage a project of his choosing to help others. In meeting with Stefanie M. Cisneros, Assistant Athletic Director—Life Skills, the concept of relationship violence arose, and he immediately knew this is where he wanted to make a difference.
Through his involvement on this vital topic, Randy sees how individuals from different backgrounds vary in their empathy and understanding of these issues. “Not everyone knows what’s acceptable in a relationship,” he said. He explained that often people lack the knowledge and positive role models to guide appropriate behavior.

Randy’s own family is at the center of his moral compass. Born in Laredo and raised in Harlingen, he cites the strong influence of his parents and grandparents in guiding the course for his successful, athletic family. After running track as a business major at University of California, Berkeley, he returned to Texas two years ago to care for his ailing grandparents. After some soul-searching, he decided to stay close to his family by transferring to UTSA.    

Peer Facilitator for One Love Program RandyBermea

Since receiving training from the One Love Foundation in January 2017, Randy has conducted six relationship violence workshops for student athletes. He’s raising awareness about the seriousness of the issue and what individuals can do to identify the signs and help themselves and others in such a relationship. Since athletes are often role models, Randy’s outreach is aimed at developing a cadre of well informed, caring people willing to get involved and stop violent relationships.  Now entering graduate school at UTSA for a master’s degree in business, Bermea will volunteer for the One Love Foundation in San Antonio between classes and studying.

Visit the website to learn more about UTSA PD's Community Affairs and Crime Prevention or call 210-458-6974.

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