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UTSA Revises Cellular Phones and Service Policy

Changes have been made to the university policy regarding cellular phones and service plans. Please read the draft policy and Fiscal Management Operation Guideline (below) and take action by July 31. HOP Committee, legal affairs, and presidential review and approval of the draft policy is expected by early August.

First, discuss with your department manager to determine if you qualify for either a cellular phone allowance or an exception to the cellular phone policy. Many employees currently using a UTSA cellular phone may not qualify for either under the new HOP, which requires significant business need for cellular service to be paid by UTSA. Eligibility criteria can be found in Section C of the attached FMOG.

Second, review the attached scenarios document to determine your next course of action. Detailed information regarding cancellation of contracts and acquisition of new phones and service plans will be provided in early August.

Eligibility: The following benefits-eligible employees may qualify for an allowance:

  • Employees who must be available to be contacted and/or respond in the event of an emergency.
  • Employees who are frequently “on call” officially or implicitly and/or need to be contacted in an immediate or timely manner (during or outside of regular business hours) to respond to situations pertinent to their job requirements.
  • Employees who typically work in the field or at job sites where access to landline telephones and/or data network is not readily available.
  • Employees who frequently travel or are out of the office and need to be in contact with UTSA personnel or affiliates in order to conduct UTSA business.
  • Employees who must be in contact and accessible because of their role as critical decision makers.


  • Cell phone forms due July 31
  • VPBA cell phone review August 7
  • Cancel all service plans by August 31
  • Turn phones into managers by August 31
  • Cell phones from managers to Surplus Sept 22 


Cellular Phones and Service Allowances Financial Management Operational Guidelines

Draft HOP 9.49: Cellular Phones and Services

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