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Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility

September is National Preparedness Month


September is National Preparedness Month, and the UTSA Office of Emergency Management would like to encourage everyone to engage in your emergency preparedness efforts.  If you follow the simple measures outlined in this article, you’ll be prepared to act when emergencies impact you.

3 steps PrepareFirst things first – prepare an emergency kit!  In order to respond to any type of emergency, you are advised to put together an emergency kit for your home, car, and office/workplace.  Items to include in your kit include water/sports drink, snacks, medications, first-aid kit, important documents, clothes, flashlight, batteries, cell phone charger, and personal hygiene products.  You can download an emergency kit checklist on the Texas Prepares website (  You can learn more by enrolling in preparedness training at – search for courses with “EP” prefixes.

Next on the path to preparedness is to develop an emergency plan.  Your plan should include emergency contact information, phone numbers of emergency services, important personal information for emergency responders (medical allergies, doctors, etc.), emergency procedures, and other basic preparedness information.  Every campus department should develop an office preparedness plan as well, to include call tree lists, evacuation routes, shelter-in-place procedures, and campus resources and numbers.  You can make your own personal emergency and communications plan on the Texas Prepares website (link above), or visit the UTSA Campus Alerts website ( for more information. 

Lastly, stay informed!  Know the hazards that surround you at all times, and learn about how you can respond to different types of emergencies.  Listen to the news, monitor weather conditions, research local threats, and most importantly, share this information with your family, friends, and coworkers.  Check your registry with UTSA Alerts (emergency notifications via text, voice, email) by logging in to ASAP, clicking on the personal information tab, and selecting the UTSA Emergency Notification System.  Other resources include:

Together, we can build and sustain a safe campus community.  For more information on emergency preparedness, visit our website the UTSA Campus Alerts website at

Questions?  Contact the UTSA Office of Emergency Management at (210) 458-6851 or email

For more information, contact Dr. Lorenzo Sanchez or Jacqueline Silva in Emergency Management.  





Posted 8-29-2018