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Keep Hallways Clear...and Safe


Corridors and hallways in campus buildings are shared community spaces that provide paths to exits and safety equipment. Material, including furniture, placed in hallways may create safety risks by blocking access to fire extinguishers, safety showers, electrical panels, and equipment controls. They also narrow or block passage for emergency evacuation.

hallwayclutterTo prevent accidents and maintain a safe campus environment, we must all share the responsibility of keeping corridors clear. Building occupants are best able to prevent the accumulation of dangerous conditions in exit paths, such as obstructions, slip/trip hazards, and hazardous materials.

Departments may need to store material in hallways and corridors for short-duration activities, like office moves, furniture upgrades, and installation of new equipment. Using shared community spaces for storage requires communication and coordination in advance with the appropriate campus departments: Facilities, Surplus Property, and Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM).   

If access to exits or safety equipment is blocked or limited by material, including furniture, and you are unable to correct it yourself, please contact EHSRM immediately. If, upon evaluation, the condition in the hallway creates a safety concern, EHSRM will initiate corrective action through the department creating the hazard or the Office of Facilities.

For more information, contact:
John DeLaHunt, MBA, ARM
Risk and Life Safety Manager
Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management


Posted 7-16-2018