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Employee of the Quarter Awards


Individuals or small teams (5 employees or less) forwarded by their AVP will be considered for recognition by the Celebrating Excellence program. The individual(s) or team(s) having made the most significant contribution(s) that quarter will be recognized.

Choice of Awards

Each Celebrating Excellence recipient will be awarded an:

  • Awards Network Catalog containing almost 60 products in which to choose from.

* In the event a small team should receive recognition for their efforts, each member of the team will receive the Awards Network Catalog from which to choose their gift.


Once the employee is identified as the Celebrating Excellence program quarterly award recipient, they will be visited by Ms. Kathryn Funk-Baxter, the Vice President for Business Affairs, at their place of work. Ms. Funk-Baxter will inform them of their selection and present them with a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment and information about their award. Photos will be taken for publication and posting on the program's website.