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How can I get recognized?

Do something outstanding that exemplifies creativity, promoting change, or communication and hopefully someone will fill out a nomination form to recognize you for your efforts.

What if I don't know who the employee's AVP is?

Fill out the form, either on-line or paper and send it to HR, attn: "Celebrating Excellence" and they will route it to the proper AVP.

If I turn in an AVP department form, will it go to the Celebrating Excellence program?

All nominations will be received and reviewed at the AVP program level first. The employee may or may not receive recognition at the AVP level. However if the AVP finds it to be the most significant, their package will be routed to the Celebrating Excellence program for review.

What if I'm not sure if the action the employee took falls under the category of creativity, promoting change or communication?

You don't need to worry about categorizing the employee's activity. Celebrating Excellence is about recognizing great accomplishments. Submit your nomination form and let the employee's actions stand on their own merit.