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How does a staff member get recognized?

S/he engages in behaviors that exemplify the Business Affairs Guiding Principles. Someone fills out a nomination form to recognize the staff member for his/her efforts.

Where do I send the nomination form?

Download and fill out the nomination form. Then scan and email it to The committee will route it to the appropriate department head. You can also complete and print the form and interoffice it to VPBA Attention Celebrating Excellence, Main Building, 3.102.

After the department head receives the form, will it necessarily go to the Celebrating Excellence program?

All nominations will be received and reviewed at the department level first. The employee may or may not receive recognition at the department level; in many cases the nominee will be given a Guiding Principle Collector Card (GPCC) for her/his excellent performance. If the department head finds it to be worthy, the nomination will be routed to the Celebrating Excellence program for consideration.

What if I'm not sure if the action the employee took merits consideration for a GPCC or Celebrating Excellence Award?

You don't need to worry about categorizing the employee's activity. Business Affairs wants to recognizing great accomplishments and contributions. Submit your nomination form and let the employee's actions stand on their own merit.