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VPBA Newsletter October 2006


Kerry's Korner...

What do you think of when you hear the word, ‘alignment?’

My wife, Brenda, immediately thinks about her lower back being out of alignment. She experiences pain – a ripple effect of strained muscles that eventually leads to stress throughout her body, limiting what she’s otherwise capable of doing. The body doesn’t function as it should; it loses energy and effectiveness; stress increases. When your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, the tires wear out sooner and steering and tracking to keep the vehicle on a straight course is hindered, hence the ride is irritating – certainly not smooth, as intended.

There are alignment issues in our work environment as well. Consider these questions. Are your department’s policies and procedures fully aligned with the institution’s Tier I research vision and Business Affairs mission, vision of service excellence and partnering brand – when were they last updated? Do you measure and benchmark your service levels to see if they are aligned with customer needs and expectations? What about your attitude and work ethic? Do you consistently portray a positive, optimistic, professional and service-oriented attitude, willing to make changes to improve?

If the answer to any of the above is negative, then you will experience many of the symptoms of an out-of-aligned body or wheels. That is, stress will increase, your energy level will wane, you won’t be as effective and productive as you could or need to be, you’ll become more self-focused than team-focused, and it will be increasingly difficult to stay the course to accomplish your routine functions, much less make progress and improvements. And worse, there will be a ripple effect from you that reduces the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the entire team - an unacceptable consequence.

So, here’s what I need each of you to do - take inventory; ask colleagues and customers how well you and your area are aligned; look for opportunities to make adjustments and act. For us to be successful, alignment is not an option. By all means, take care of your body and vehicle, but don’t neglect the alignment in the workplace. It’s a necessity for every person, every day and in every job.

of Events

SECC Campaign
October 3 - November 3

Columbus Day
October 12

Business Affairs

October 18
Roadrunner Cafe

Business Affairs
Staff Relations Council

October 25

New Employee
Welcome Program

October 26


Worth Remembering...

"You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event - it is a habit."

Lila Martinelli

Calling All Speakers

The Office of Student Activities is seeking speakers to add to the Speakers' Bureau. Through the program, students will have a resource to find speakers who are willing to make presentations at no charge. This is a great service to the UTSA community, especially for student organizations who do not have the resources to pay for speakers.

If you are an "expert" in a topic and want to volunteer your expertise to a student organization, please contact Student Activities at (210) 458-4160 or

Fall Harvest

The College of Business

Congratulations! The College of Business has been selected to receive the 2006 National Society of Hispanic MBA's (NSHMBA) Brillante Educational Excellence Award. The nomination was coordinated between alumni, Peter Morales, who is with the International Affairs Department of the city and with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Previous winners of the award include Cornell, Stanford, UT Austin, and Bentley. For more information on the award visit

Fall leaves and pine cones

Lila Martinelli

Lila Martinelli is a native Texan, born and raised in San Antonio, and a graduate of John Jay High School.

In 1988, Lila began working at the university as a Senior Clerk Typist in the Office of Accounting. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UTSA in 1998. 

Lila assumed her current position as Assistant Director of Grants and Contracts Administration in 2002 where she plays a valuable role in assisting faculty with the management of their grants. Of her 18 years at the university, Lila says “What I enjoy most about UTSA are the diverse and interesting people that I encounter every day.” 

Lila and her husband, Ray, have been married for 25 years and have three children – Ricky, Jamie and Teresa. They also have a menagerie of 4 cats, 1 dog and a chinchilla. 

Lila is an avid fan of the WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association.  Her favorite team, of course, is the San Antonio Silver Stars.

Thank you, Lila, for your dedication and service to the University and Business Affairs.

Lila will be receiving a Roadrunner meal card to use for either breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Roadrunner Cafe, compliments of Chartwells.
Our thanks to Chartwells for their support!

The Gift of Giving

It was 1992 when Shannon, my youngest daughter, died just before we were to celebrate her 12th birthday. She would be 26. Shannon had one of those very rare birth ‘defects’ and had been born severely mentally retarded (at least that’s what they called it in the ‘80’s). She never walked on her own or was able to speak as you and I are able; so no running into daddy’s arms, shooting hoops with her dad, hearing his wise counsel on the kind of man she should marry, or even speaking the words, “I love you, daddy.”  BUT, she, in so many other ways, was an excellent communicator and teacher - a lovely, loving daughter - an inspiration to me and hundreds of others. The doctors said she would not live to see her first birthday. Now, there aren’t many of us who will live 12 times longer than our life expectancy! I thank my God for this ‘angel’ and for the years that we had. I write this only to bring to life our current SECC initiative. Shannon was assisted in her life by health agencies, associations, and others who are to some degree partially funded by the United Way. I remain most grateful to them for their support of my daughter and our family. While I admit that I am by no means an advocate of all the programs supported by the United Way, our university SECC initiative provides us an opportunity to give back a small amount to those specific groups we choose, that can and have provided valuable assistance, sometimes life-changing and life-saving, to our friends, family and community – perhaps to those you never imagined. Last year, 55 percent of UTSA employees contributed more than $212,000 to local, national and international nonprofit charities through the SECC. I encourage you to participate – no matter the size of the contribution - to help others who so often are desperate and much less fortunate than many of us. Speaking on behalf of Shannon, I believe she would have been most pleased and grateful. 

Thanks. Kerry Kennedy

National Housekeeping Week

September 11-15, 2006 was National Housekeeping week across the United States. The Office of Facilities supervisors expressed their appreciation and recognition to the housekeeping staff by honoring them with a luncheon“We wanted to acknowledge the hard work performed by the housekeeping staff on a daily basis”, said Sonia Saenz, Manger, Housekeeping & Special Events. The housekeeping staff is responsible for cleaning offices, classrooms, and restrooms as well as the maintenance of floors and carpets. Daily, they greet students, faculty and staff, and from time to time point them in the right direction. The housekeeping staff is always ready to assist the UTSA family. The Office of Facilities (1604 and DTC) currently has 104 housekeeping employees and 8 supervisors. “I would like to thank the employees for all their hard work in meeting the daily challenges and for cleaning with style and a smile. You are appreciated every single day,” states Sonia Saenz.

UTSA Friends and Family Day at
Fiesta Texas

Bring your friends and family to Fiesta Texas on Saturday, October 21, as we "Paint the Park" in UTSA colors!!!

The Orientation and Transition Services office and The Alumni Programs office invite you to celebrate "UTSA Friends and Family Day" at Fiesta Texas by purchasing specially discounted admission tickets for only $20.99 (regularly $46.99) plus, optional discounted parking permits cost $7.40 (regularly $10). These prices will be good for that day only. Never again will you be able to receive such a huge discount on a Fiesta Texas ticket!

Wear your UTSA apparel for a 25% discount at select park restaurants and shops.

You can purchase your unlimited amount of tickets now at the Alumni Programs Office. Starting Monday, October 2, tickets also will be available at the 1604 University Center Information Booth and the UTSA Downtown Student Activities Center.

It will be a great time to spend with your family as the park is transformed into a "Fright Fest."

Questions? Call the Orientation and Transition Services office at 458-4724.

Fall 2006


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    Supervisors ready to serve
             Maricela Linan & Guadalupe Garza


   George Velarde, Robert Martinez         Velma Tullos & Juanita Rivera
             & Rudy Martinez

Officer Matthew Stacy

Within a three day period from September 8-10, 2006, Officer Matthew Stacy was responsible for the seizure of three firearms, which were discovered during two separate traffic stops. 

On September 8, 2006, with the assistance of Sgt. Charles Patnode, Officer Stacy conducted a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle that had disregarded a stop sign on George Brackenridge Avenue. It was discovered that the driver had a suspended license, and Sgt. Patnode spotted a pistol by the drivers seat. This led to the arrest of the individual. 

On September 10, 2006, Officer Stacy conducted a welfare traffic stop on a vehicle parked on the shoulder of 1604 adjacent to UTSA. After making contact with the male driver, Officer Stacy detected the odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage emanating from the driver’s breath. After his arrest, the driver informed Officer Stacy that he had a 9mm pistol under the driver’s seat. After a search of the vehicle, a second weapon was also discovered.

The diligent and proactive policing of Officer Stacy resulted in the removal of three firearms from our streets which only strengthened the UTSA Police Departments motto of;  “Protecting Your Future…Today”.

Auxiliary Services Peer Review

An Auxiliary Services Peer Review will begin November 5-8, 2006. The Peer Review Team is comprised of 6 individuals from various universities across the country, plus UTSA representatives Christina Gomez, Student, College of Science and Dr. Tom Cannon, Director, Tourism Management Program, College of Business. The auxiliaries to be reviewed include Bookstore Operations, Food Services, Housing Operations, Parking and Transportation, University Center Operations, UTSA Card Office and Vending Services.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Peer Review (CPR) is to provide a systematic evaluation process for the Auxiliary Services Department and identify opportunities for future development. The goal of a CPR is to examine the quality of each managed area with a common framework, utilizing a self-study process followed by a peer review. CPRs assist in long-range planning and are valuable in setting priorities for the department, division and the university. CPRs are an essential component of university planning and are key to raising quality and performance thresholds of the institution.

Construction Update

Celebrating Excellence program is designed to recognize those individuals working in Business Affairs that have demonstrated excellence by making a significant contribution to the mission/vision and goal accomplishment of their respective department, Business Affairs and/or the university.
The program is designed to recognize those individuals or small teams that demonstrate excellence in these areas:
Creativity, Promoting Change, and Communication.


Parking Garage No. 1: This 148,026 square foot four-story structure is designed to contain 479 parking spaces at the heart of the 1604 campus to meet the growing demand for parking. Anticipated completion is prior to Fall 2007.

Thermal Energy Plant 2: The Energy Plant is a 16,716 square foot single-story structure designed to contain one chiller and one boiler for immediate use and five additional chillers and two additional boilers for future use. The Energy Plant will provide sufficient capacity to meet all of the heating and cooling demands generated by the new Recreation Wellness Phase II and all future facilities constructed on the 1604 central and west campuses. Anticipated completion is prior to the Spring 2008  and that all depends on whether or not the 32 foot cavern that was exposed the first week of October will cause any problems at the construction site.