Strategic Investment Fund

The Strategic Investment Fund is primarily intended to align resources with institutional priorities developed through a systematic campus-wide process, with the following goals:

  • Alignment of institutional KPIs/goals, academic planning, and financial management
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and ownership of resource development through unit activities
  • Clear path and formal communication that systematically links university investments to shared strategic priorities
  • Longer term outlook that plans for the next three to five years

The Strategic Investment Fund is split into two groups based on funding sources and uses, with the overall goal of using a portion of revenues to meet strategic planning needs and provide financial support to fund and manage those priorities moving forward.

Common Strategic Investment Fund (CSIF): CSIF is funded from sources other than student fees. A 14% contribution is assessed on unrestricted revenues: Net Tuition Revenue, State Appropriations, Sales & Services, Other Revenue.

Strategic Investment Fee Fund (SIFF): SIFF is funded from sources that are set aside from student fees and will be used to support strategic priorities that align with the purpose of each fee as designated by statutory language. An 8% contribution is assessed on Mandatory Fees, e.g. Student Services Fee, UTSA Card Fee, Medical Services Fee, Rec Center Fee.