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Business Affairs Division To Pilot Telecommuting

Offices in North Paseo Building Are First to Implement and Share Lessons Learned


The Business Affairs Division has been asked by President Eighmy to serve as the pilot for a telecommuting program. As the first division to be advancing this effort, Business Affairs departments located in NPBBluebonnetsthe North Paseo Building (NPB) are the first group to review options for implementing telecommuting assignments. Other groups in Business Affairs will consider such assignments later in 2019. Employees in Business Information Services Office will be the first to begin the trial, starting immediately. Staff from Financial Affairs, Budget and Financial Planning, and Human Resources are expected to follow.

To ensure a seamless transition while maintaining the highest levels of customer service, Business Affairs telecommuters will remain accessible by email, their UTSA phone numbers, and Skype for Business. They will attend meetings on campus as appropriate. Trainings will still be conducted in person at the NPB as well as Downtown.

Telecommuting will be used only for specific job types that lend themselves to such a structure. Depending on the position, staff will telework on a full- or partial-time basis. For those Business Affairs positions in NPB not subject to telecommuting, staff will continue to have a physical presence on the 4th floor, although at a much reduced footprint. Department leaders are finalizing most of the telework decisions, and they expect transitions for Business Affairs employees in the NPB to be fully completed early in the new calendar year.  

UTSA will benefit by using the vacated space for research and academic offices, advancing our trajectory toward becoming a great discovery enterprise. The numerous benefits from this program include cultivating the excellence of our employees and cost-effectively use our space, while offering a positive impact of our environment, as fewer  vehicles will be on our roads and on campus.  

After a successful review of the program sometime next year, other divisions may be able to adopt similar programs for certain members of their staff, using the processes developed by Business Affairs.  

More information will follow. You may send your questions to BA Director of Communication.  

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Posted 9-7-2018