Studio Views

Given creative space on campus to express themselves freely and fully, UTSA’s master of fine arts students invited Sombrilla Magazine into their studios to show off what they’ve been producing



  • Individuals from across the globe have moved to Texas specifically to be part of UTSA’s M.F.A. program.
  • Space in the Arts Building and on West Campus was set aside to allow graduate students to create their artwork.

Originally Posted 9/01/2018 |
From the Fall/Winter 2018 Issue

President Eighmy speaks frequently about the value of intercultural knowledge and world engagement, and few places on campus embody those ideals quite like the graduate art studios, dedicated work spaces created specifically so that UTSA’s fine arts graduate students can work unhindered to express themselves. Follow along as we peer into the studio spaces of nine students enrolled in the multimedia-focused M.F.A. program. Some work in cozy studios on the fourth floor of the Arts Building, while others hone their craft at the Sculpture and Ceramics Graduate Studio on West Campus. Through painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, performance, mixed media, and more, these artists offer incredibly unique perspectives while embracing various forms of conflict—conflicts of culture; conflicts of comfort; conflicts of chemicals; conflicts of junk, gender, and judicial negligence. Let the studio tour begin.