A Bold Future
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A Bold Future

A Bold Future

A Bold Future

UTSA looks to expand its campuses and enhance neighborhood connections



  • The university wants to deepen its relationship with the West Side community.
  • Several efforts are being taken to position students of all backgrounds for success.
  • The campus master plan lays out major development projects over the coming years.

Posted 02/06/2020 |

What an exciting time to be part of Roadrunner Nation. As we look forward to 2020 and beyond, it’s important to acknowledge all of the amazing progress UTSA is making toward reaching its three key destinations: to be a model for student success, a great public research university, and an exemplar of strategic growth and innovative excellence.

“We want to deepen our relationships with nearby neighborhoods surrounding our campuses.”

As we grow in the heart of San Antonio, we want to deepen our relationships with nearby neighborhoods surrounding our campuses. Toward that end, we are enhancing connections with the West Side community with the opening of UTSA’s new community center, part of our Westside Community Partnerships initiative. These efforts go hand in hand with our ongoing, ever-evolving identity as a Hispanic-thriving university where students from all backgrounds are positioned for success. Explore examples like our new campus living and learning community, designed to enhance students’ campus experience, and the efforts of the team in our First Generation and Transfer Student Center.

UTSA’s new Campus Master Plan is our road map that will guide us to responsibly develop our land and infrastructure across all campuses in a way that maximizes our ability to generate prosperity through education, employment, and arts and culture. Be sure to read in this issue about the plan’s key elements and the inspiring vision it presents.

Included in the master plan is an expansion framework for our Downtown Campus, which is moving forward with major development projects over the next several years. Additions will include our new School of Data Science—the first of its kind in Texas and destined to be a national leader in big data research and education. UTSA’s new National Security Collaboration Center will be another signature component of the Downtown Campus and will advance our nation’s ability to solve our greatest cybersecurity threats.

On the heels of celebrating UTSA’s 50th anniversary in grand style over the past year, I am heartened by the momentum we’ve gained toward our vision as a university creating bold futures. Thank you for joining us on the journey!