2020 & Beyond
Strategic Vision

2020 & Beyond

2020 & Beyond

2020 & Beyond

From the new School of Data Science on an expanded Downtown Campus to the vibrant Roadrunner Village and a vast green park called Paseo Verde on Main Campus, explore the Campus Master Plan and initiatives leading UTSA to a bold future



  • The new Campus Master Plan will guide the growth of the university over the next decade.
  • The plan will aid in developing campuses as university strives for a projected enrollment of 45,000 students.

POSTED 02/06/2020 |

Big things are happening at UTSA. Since President Taylor Eighmy arrived in 2017, he’s been setting the stage with characters and plot points for a dramatically advanced university ready for its starring role among the world’s preeminent institutions of research and higher education. Focused on hiring esteemed faculty and leadership, creating initiatives to elevate how UTSA engages and operates, and now a Campus Master Plan to support expanded enrollment and research activity, every move has been directed to support the university’s three destinations: to be a model for student success, a great research university, and an exemplar for strategic growth and innovative excellence. “Innovative.” “Excellence.” They’re going to be just part of the rave reviews for UTSA’s bold new future. Remembering 1969 was a revelatory experience. But there’s an even grander story taking the stage. It’s “2020 & Beyond.” Come along for the amazing adventure.

Hover your cursor over each of the images, below, to reveal changes being planned for UTSA’s campuses.

Objectives for Downtown Campus
Welcome the West Side
Embrace a Distributed Urban Campus Model


Objectives for Main Campus
Introduce Open Space
Promote Pedestrian Circulation
Create an Athetics District
Establish a Southeastern Gateway