Individual Level

This level of the SLA Program is based on the Individual Domain of the Social Change Model, in which we examine our values and skills and determine whether they align with the values of those around us. These workshops and action steps help us to better understand ourselves and the people we interact with regularly, and address the fundamental skills for successful leadership.

Action Steps

  • Complete all Individual Level Workshops
  • Create a Handshake account with Career Services
  • Complete the SLA Pre-Assessment to gauge your leadership skills

Individual Level Workshops

Individual Workshop Descriptions

Self-Awareness: True Colors

Use the True Colors® model to discover your unique personality style and participate in hands-on activities that boost your self-awareness. We also explore different personality types and identify ways to strengthen peer collaboration. [NACE Competency - Career Management: Identify and articulate one's skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences]

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Interpersonal Communication

In this workshop, we will examine verbal and non-verbal skills, the components of active listening, and methods to overcome communication barriers, increase understanding, and effectively convey information to others. [NACE Competency - Oral/Written Communications: Articulate thoughts/ideas clearly and effectively in written or oral forms]

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Probelm-Solving and Decision Making

We will discuss various problem-solving methods and apply them to real life examples. This session also includes ways to evaluate and adapt plans and introduces participants to an effective decision-making framework. [NACE Competency - Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving: Exercise sound reasoning to...make decisions and overcome problems]