Group Level

The second level of the SLA Program is based on the Group Domain of the Social Change Model, in which we work together in small groups and communities to determine collective values and goals and then put those values into practice. The workshops and action steps within this level focus on how to develop, motivate, and encourage teams, either as a team member or as someone in a position of authority.

Action Steps

Group Level Workshops

Group Workshop Descriptions

Event Planning

We will work together on a mini-project using a seven-step planning guide. Participants will also analyze current and past personal and team goals and effectively evaluate progress. Finally, participants identify how to create or modify goals based on results. [NACE Competency - Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving: Exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues & overcome problems]

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Team Building and Teamwork

In this workshop, we will identify characteristics of productive teams and share insight on how to navigate between leading and following. Participants will also discuss strategies to build team motivation and strengthen team accountability. This session also identifies ways to practice conflict management that highlight issues and facts while respecting emotions. [NACE Competency - Teamwork/Collaboration: Work within a team structure…can negotiate and manage conflict]

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Organizational Communication

This workshop focuses on interacting in professional and group settings. Participants explore target audience needs and examine how to effectively reframe communication with peers, professors, and supervisors. Participants will learn how to conceptualize a vision, create goals, and utilize communication skills to share said vision. Participants will also discuss ways to successfully facilitate a purposeful and interactive meeting or discussion. [NACE Competency -  Oral/Written Communications: Has public speaking skills...and ability to express ideas to others]

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Team Management

Together, we will review motivational theories and examine how to recognize individual achievement based on motivation. This session also highlights effective ways to provide and receive constructive feedback. Finally, participants will learn the skills necessary to take on tasks as a group and properly enhance delegation. [NACE Competency - Leadership: Use interpersonal skills to coach and develop others; use empathetic skills to guide and motivate; organize, prioritize, and delegate work]

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