Brian Flores Helping to Construct UTSA’s Future: Wins First Quarter Celebrating Excellence Award

February 27, 2019


Congratulations to Brian Flores, maintenance leader for the Facilities Construction Team (FCT), for winning the first quarter 2019 Celebrating Excellence Award.

The FCT was created in 2017 as a seven-person project team to plan and execute renovations and facility Brian Floresrepairs too large for UTSA’s in-house Operations & Maintenance team and too small for consideration as capital or institutional projects. Its primary mission is to provide university departments faster, cheaper, and more flexible options when requesting project services. A complement to the Engineering and Project Management department that manages larger institutional and capital projects, the FCT generally oversees smaller projects including renovations, upgrades, and installations that range between $5,000 and $50,000. Larger projects are considered on an individual basis. The FCT focuses on projects that will help advance UTSA toward achieving President Eighmy’ strategic goals.

A member of the team from the start, Brian Flores creates positive outcomes. He has emerged as a strong leader with the ability to motivate this effective construction crew. “Brian’s team enthusiastically takes on any renovation that comes their way,” said Roy Garza, senior project manager in charge of FCT. “They have exceeded the expectations of all their customers and have awed management at all levels with their results.” The total value of construction jobs completed this fiscal year exceeded $2 million in improvements throughout campus. That was nearly double the amount of work expected when the FCT was designed. “We plan to exceed that figure in FY19,” Roy boasted.  

“Brian’s partnership skills rise above others’,” Roy continued. “He is thoroughly customer oriented. Brian has created a fan club of totally satisfied customers who praise him for his attention to detail and close coordination and understanding of their needs from the outset of each project. Brian delivers on time every time.”

Brian Flores

Brian shows respect for others and, in turn, earns their respect. He has become the go-to person for all matters involving space renovations and minor construction. He is greatly respected for his structural expertise and experience. Members of his team and others in the O&M department seek his advice and support. His professional demeanor and dedication to his role command the respect of his crew, peers and customers as well.

Brian values others on his team as well as his clients. He delivers on the value promise of the FCT, delivering a quality service at an affordable price…on time and to the specifications. The space
renovations completed by Brian’s team will have a positive impact on the university’s ability to meet its goals for decades to come.

With an overall satisfaction rate of 96%, it’s clear that Brian is constantly Doing the Right Thing. Brian elicits rave reviews and comments for timely work, attention to detail and quality of work. “He is the consummate professional in the practice of customer service,” said Roy. “We are fortunate to have an individual of his caliber leading the FCT. His smooth and caring approach has resulted in soaring customer ratings and feedback.”

“Brian has been a breath of fresh air in leading the Facilities Construction Team work crews,” said Dave Riker, Associate Vice President for Facilities.

His quiet, focused demeanor and ability to get the job done right the first time make him a great addition to the Facilities team. Brian is a wonderful employee and truly deserving of this award.”

“I am honored to have received The Celebrating Excellence Award, and I am extremely thankful for the recognition I have received for the work FCT has done and is currently performing,” said Brian. “I would like to thank my team members Roy Garza, Matt Frazier, Joe Uranga, Edward Riojas, Conrad Cerda, Tony Gomez and all Zones for all their hard work and contributions to FCT. Without them this award wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you all again for this award. It is greatly appreciated.”
“We are fortunate to have Brian at the helm of the FCT during this time of major growth,” Roy said. He has successfully helped plan and execute key renovations needed to deliver on the President’s vision for the future of UTSA.

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