Scott Swetnam Snags Staff Appreciation Award for January '19

February 20, 2019


Scott Swetnam, Safety Specialist II, received the UTSA Staff Appreciation Award for January 2019.

Scott SwetnamScott joined EHSRM in December 2016. Each month he inspects 1,860 fire extinguishers, 550 fire sprinkler valves, 50 fire department connections, 27 fire suppress ion systems, and 40 AED. He logs about six miles each day. He also issues Hot Work Permits and identifies other safety concerns.

Since Scott’s arrival, UTSA has had a 100% compliance rate. While shorthanded, Scott takes higher-level duties, refusing to let staffing affect the quality of the department’s work. 

“We hired Scott for his attitude about safety and inspection,” said John DeLaHunt, Risk and Life Safety Manager. "Scott identifies, engages, corrects, and refers safety concerns, working enthusiastically and volunteering for other duties. He is ‘our kind’ of inspector. Scott is energetic, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and friendly. He works in the best interests of the institution at all times. He achieves his mission while helping others achieve theirs.”

Congratulations Scott on receiving this significant recognition.

- Business Affairs