UTSA Implements New Cash Advance Rules

November 17, 2020


UTSA Implements New Cash Advance Rules
UTSA travel restrictions are currently in effect through Dec. 31, 2020, with a potential for an additional extension if needed. Once restrictions are lifted and travel resumes, the One Card is the required method of payment to secure travel expenses, such as hotel, airfare, registration and other incidental expenses, with the exception of meal per diems. Meal per diems are reimbursed when travel is settled as required within 30 days.

Requesting a Cash Advance
If a One Card is not available, and travel is more than a week in duration, requests for employee cash advances may be submitted for travel-related expenses. Additionally, employee cash advances may be authorized for meal per diems when the cost creates a financial hardship for the traveling employee. Otherwise, meal per diems are reimbursed when travel is settled as required within 30 days. Travel Advance Cards will no longer be issued.

For eligible employees, a travel-related cash advance is processed in the Travel and Expense module of PeopleSoft. Before the cash advance is issued, an approved Travel Authorization must be in place with a minimum dollar amount of the requested cash advance and an itemized list of the expected travel-related expenses.

Submitting Expense Report
As specified in FMOG 9.2 Cash Advances, an expense report must be submitted within 30 days upon return to settle and close employee cash advances. Unexpended cash advance funds must be returned immediately to Fiscal Services via the Deposit Transmittal Form. Use account code 11650 and attach a copy of the deposit receipt to the expense report before submitting.

Cash Advances for Student Travel
Cash advances for an individual student traveler may be allowed if traveling to represent UTSA and authorized by the student responsible party (must be faculty or staff sponsor). Ten business days prior to the first travel day, process a single payment voucher in PeopleSoft for meal per diems for each travel event, and attach the signed and approved Travel Advance Request (TAR). The TAR must be signed by the student responsible party.

Group Travel cash advances will be issued to the faculty or staff traveling with the student group. Request the cash advance using the Travel and Expense module in PeopleSoft at least 10 business days prior to the departure date. Students or departmental proxies may pick up checks at Fiscal Services when notified, but no sooner than four days before the first travel day. 

The student responsible party must ensure student travel takes place, or return unexpended cash advance funds immediately via the Deposit Transmittal Form to credit corresponding funding sources.

Use the following expense account codes for meal per diems:

  • 62304  Travel Student Non-Employee
  • 62305  Travel Student Foreign
  • 62306  Partial Travel Student Non-Employee
  • 62307  Partial Travel Student Non-Employee Foreign

If you have questions, email Disbursements and Travel Services.