Feel Like a Million

March 18, 2022


Feel like a Million photo banner

Are You Ready to Feel Like $1 Million?

UT System is launching their next wellness challenge, Feel Like a Million, on March 21 to increase and boost vitality! Feel Like a Million is a board game-themed program to increase energy and help participants feel their best. Each day participants record one or more energy-boosting activities, they will earn virtual dollars and experience progress by moving along the gameboard. Every activity is a move closer to achieving the goal of $1 million virtual. Whether you join a team, pair up with one or more friends, or go at it alone, Feel Like a Million can help you develop habits that make you feel your best. 

How Do I Register?

Register on the LivingWell challenge platform 

Who Can Participate?

UT SELECT members over the age of 18 years old (employees, dependents and retirees).  

Weekly Program Goal: 4-week: $250,000

Physical Activity ( required behavior):

  • 6000-7999 steps = $20,000 
  •  8000-9,999 steps = $25,000 
  • 10,000-plus steps = $30,000 

Key Dates to Remember

  •  Monday, March 21: Registration opens
  •  Monday, April 4: First day to log activity
  •  Friday, April 8: Last day to register
  •  Sunday, May 1: Last day of the program
  •  Tuesday, May 3: Last day to log activity

How to Earn a Wellness Ticket & Grand Prize:

Complete the weekly goal of $250,000 virtual 

  • Email a screenshot of your Feel Like a Million dashboard to Rowdy New U
  • Earn up to four tickets possible 

Complete the challenge goal of $1 million virtual

  • One ticket possible

Grand Prize

To be eligible for the grand prize of a month’s Campus Recreation membership, you must

  • Join a team of five members
  • Create a team name
  • Complete the challenge goal of $1 million virtual
  • Share a screenshot of your team and name on the Rowdy New U Microsoft Teams Channel 
  • Up to one Wellness Ticket possible for joining a team
  • Of the eligible participants, 20 will be randomly selected to win the grand prize.

If you win the grand prize and already have a membership to the Rec Center, Rowdy New U will pay for your next month.

The overall number of possible challenge tickets you can earn is six.

Weekly screenshots

  • UTSA Wellness will send a weekly email reminder for screenshots of your Feel Like a Million dashboard every Monday. Send your screenshot in by close of business Tuesday to receive a Wellness Ticket.  

Other Challenge Features

Thrive Thursday

  • Participants in an official team are challenged to complete an additional activity featured every Thursday on the team page called  Thrive Thursday . When all team members log the activity by midnight (CST), they will earn a bonus $5,000 toward the team score. Thrive Thursday points do not impact individual scores. 

Social Features:

  •  Friends: Invitation-based feature where participants can connect and support others. Participants with one or more friends in a campaign are more likely to meet the program goal. 
  •  Individual Leaderboard: Displays participant’s individual ranking. You can opt in or out at registration or in settings. 
  • Wellness Wall : Post pictures, tag friends, and share favorite recipes and tips. 

Use the Mobile App to Log Your Info

Download the Living Well mobile app. It’s a convenient way to log progress and access features on the go. It’s free and you can download on iOS and Android. You can log steps manually or connect an activity tracker on the settings page. A step converter is available to record activities not accurately measured with a tracking device, such as swimming, cycling, rowing, etc. 

Questions or concerns? Email UTSA Wellness.