San Pedro I shows off UTSA’s investments in clean energy

December 2, 2022


UTSA’s newest building, San Pedro I, home of the School of Data Science and the National Security Collaboration Center, was built with sustainability in mind through the inclusion of a rooftop solar array. The building’s solar panels were installed to provide an alternative energy option for the building. The use of clean energy lowers the building’s carbon footprint and helps UTSA work toward a more sustainable campus.

New video from the site shows off San Pedro I’s rooftop panels.


The solar array atop San Pedro I has a total 53kW providing 64 amps of 480-volt power for the building. The array provides a portion of the building's total energy needs--which is approximately 5410 amps--as well as other sustainable benefits. Clean solar energy improves the health of our students and community, reduces stress on the electrical grid, especially during peak demand, and helps the City of San Antonio reach the goals under their Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

The building’s energy efficient features are in line with both UTSA policy and policy from UT System, which directs institutions to develop energy efficient buildings. In particular, UT System Rule 169 requires all UT system universities to adopt sustainable operational and maintenance practices to meet sustainability goals. UTSA is committed to the development of programs, initiatives, and practices that promote sustainability practices and that contribute meaningfully to the environment. Other buildings on campus that feature solar panels include the H-E-B University Center, which have given engineering students opportunities to study solar energy and prepare for careers in that field.

The array is expected to be fully completed in January, in time for the building’s grand opening. 

— Brandie Yale