UTSA Dining staff recognized by Food Management magazine

August 1, 2023


The University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) outstanding dining staff has been recognized by Food Management magazine for their positive impacts on the university community. The six featured individuals have worked tirelessly to ensure that students and staff are well-nourished and cared for, fostering an excellent dining experience on campus.

Fatima SesayFatima Sesay has been a chef at the Roadrunner Café for 13 years. She possesses an extraordinary talent for crafting culinary dishes that are delicious and reflect her rich cultural heritage and personal values. Fatima recently garnered attention during UTSA Dining’s celebration of International Women’s Day when her cooking prowess took center stage. Her skillfully prepared signature dish, stew accompanied by fufu and rice, attracted many students who were eager to try her specially crafted meal that was both delicious and embodied her passion for food. “The students were so happy to see African food at the Café. It made me so proud,” Sesay said.

While Fatima's culinary skills are unquestionable, it is her warm and compassionate demeanor that truly sets her apart, effortlessly creating an inviting atmosphere in the workplace.

Yadira RoachaYadira Rocha has been an integral part of UTSA for six years as a supervisor at Chick-fil-A. Her inspiration stems from her mother, who influenced her love for Mexican cuisine and encouraged her to experiment with new flavors by infusing her cultural heritage in her dishes. Alongside her passion for Mexican food, Yadira also has a fondness for creating delicious chicken meals.

When asked about working for UTSA Dining, Yadira enthusiastically shared, "I love to serve students and work side by side with my student employees." Her deep appreciation for the university and its students shines through in her dedication to providing exceptional service. Yadira's commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment, coupled with her outstanding leadership skills, allows her to leave a lasting impression on both her team members and the campus community.

Michael FarciaMichael Garcia, a front-of-house employee at Panda Express, is an indispensable member of the team who is highly valued for his proven dedication and work ethic. Thriving in the fast-paced environment, Michael consistently delivers outstanding performance, even during long and demanding shifts, making him an incredibly valuable employee. His commitment to providing top-notch service remains steadfast even in the face of pressure, inspiring his fellow colleagues to follow suit. A true advocate for customer satisfaction, Michael is determined to enhance the overall dining experience of the UTSA community by prioritizing food freshness and ensuring timely service. His outstanding drive and positive attitude shine through in every aspect of his job.

Toribio LunaToribio Luna, a catering chef at UTSA Dining, has a tireless work ethic and unshakeable dedication towards delivering consistently exceptional dining experiences. Luna's commitment to providing personalized care and ensuring high-quality service for each client sets him apart and makes his work truly commendable. In a role where complex challenges such as transportation logistics and dietary restrictions are a daily concern, Luna’s meticulous planning and organizational skills are deeply appreciated. 

In addition to his cooking skills, Toribio Luna's friendly demeanor helps create a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere. Having been with UTSA for 10 years and with Aramark for 22 years, he deeply appreciates the environment he works in as it feels like a family to him. Luna acknowledges Chef Jessie Moreno for being an inspiring figure who has been instrumental in guiding him to reach the level of skill and expertise he possesses today.

San Juana ArriagaSan Juana Arriaga has been a member of Aramark and UTSA for five years, showcasing her unwavering commitment to the organization. She currently works as a front-of-house employee at Freshens in the John Peace Library. With a specialization in baking, San Juana is an expert at creating delicious cakes and chocoflan. Her repertoire also includes Mexican cuisine, where she draws inspiration from her mother, whose cooking instilled in San Juana a deep appreciation for the flavors and techniques found in Mexican food.

In regards to her experience working for UTSA Dining, San Juana expressed her fondness for the positive and enjoyable working environment. She also appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant campus community while serving the diverse student population. San Juana's enthusiasm, coupled with her exceptional attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, make her an invaluable member of the UTSA Dining team.

Dexter JenkinsDexter Jenkins, a Roadrunner Café employee and UTSA alumni, was employed by Aramark through his college years from 2019 to 2022, working at the Roadrunner Café starting in 2021. Jenkins has had the privilege of being mentored by the various chefs at the Café where he’s acquired invaluable knowledge on various stations, ingredient preparation and proper food portioning.

Jenkins' time at UTSA has been a continuous learning experience, making him exceptional at customer service, establishing him as a valued member of the team and earning recognition from both students and staff members. He is known for his warm and welcoming nature and embracing the chance to adapt and personalize his service for a younger demographic. Jenkins’ drive and determination to enhance the quality of service at Roadrunner Café serves as an inspiration for those around him, motivating everyone to continually strive for excellence.

UTSA Dining takes immense pride in celebrating the achievements of our extraordinary UTSA Dining team members, who have consistently gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional experiences to both our students and guests. Their commitment, passion and unwavering dedication are truly commendable. We are honored to have six of our employees acknowledged for their outstanding contributions, which serves as a testament to the culture of excellence we strive to foster. Business Affairs would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to each of these remarkable individuals and express our gratitude to the entire team for their unwavering commitment to exceptional service. 

Business Affairs Strategic Communications and UTSA Dining Team