Lost and Found

All found property that is turned in to the University Police Lost & Found section is stored at the University Police Lost & Found for 60 days. After 60 days, the found property is transferred to the Surplus Property Department for public auctions or further disposition.

To report lost property items or to make inquiries regarding lost property call 210-458-6247 (Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm). or email us at LostAndFound@utsa.edu

To claim found property items, individuals must present a valid Texas Driver’s license, UTSA photo ID card or a valid photo ID card from another source; military ID or another state photo ID card. Individuals must be able to accurately describe the property that was lost in order to claim property from the lost & found section.

Important notes:

  • Items that will not be considered or accepted as abandoned, unclaimed, or lost and found property include: Clothing, food and drink containers, or soiled items that present a sanitation risk.
  • Clothing of value will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Departments, please promptly turn in any lost and found items you may have so we can return them to their owners in a timely fashion.

The items listed below are currently being held by UTSAPD. If not claimed in 60 days, they will be disposed of in accordance with policy.

Updated 11/1/2019

Quantity Item Description
10 Bag/Backpacks Various Brands, Colors & Styles
17 Books Various Brands, Colors & Styles
18 Folders/Binders/Journals Various Brands, Colors & Styles
9 Calculators  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
48 Cell phone & Laptop Chargers Various Brands, Colors & Styles
90 Electronics  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
35 Jewelry & Watches Various Brands, Colors & Styles
47 Keys  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
20 Misc. Items  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
48 Prescription glasses  & Sunglasses Various Brands, Colors & Styles
31 USB/Memory Storage Various Brands, Colors & Styles
9 Wallets Alyssa Cole Luna,Leonardo Riojas,Dalia Husam Omar,Rafael Herrador,Carlos Gray,Alexander Cortinas, Iliana Ramirez 
3 Tools Various Brands, Colors & Styles
4 Umbrellas  Various Brands, Colors & Styles
7 Texas Driver License Diana Andrude, Laura Floyd, Angelita Johnson,Haley Labarca,Eduardo Ramirez, Jene Riguad, Alexis Romero
5 Bank of America Debit Card Oliver E Amaya Diaz,Brittany R Calvillo, Zachary Davis,Leonardo Riojas,Claudia Rodriguez
1 Global Cash Card No Name
1 Direct MasterCard K Knipper Broadhead
1 Cash App Debit Card Jazmyne Caesar, 
1 Discover Card Emily Jean Ramos
3 Freedom Debit Card Catherine M Collier Lagos, Xavier Naeem, John Rives 
4 Wells Fargo Card Cristina Ortiz Corral,Brandi Huestes, Veronica Mireles, Deja McKnight
1 NavyArmy Card Crystal A Fuentes, 
1 Alamo Colleges Student ID Allison Garcia
1 Health Care Debit Card Hassan Abdul Hussein
2 Blue Cross Blue Shield Card Andrez Janecki, Luis Vazquez 
1 ScenicBanking Card Joseph Miller
3 Frost Bank Card Amanda Jones-Rincon, Jesus Villapando,Jaylen J White
3 USAA Card Melissa Santiago Perez,Erica RochaMelissa J Slocumb,Zaria Steele, Vincent A Valdez,
3 Chase Visa Card Sophia Garza, Faisal NajjarRaul Vallejo
1 Macy's Card Linda Tevino
2 Security Service FCU Muhammad Y Amray, Victoria Garza,
1 Rainbow Debit Card Stephanie De La Rosa 
1 Woodforest Debit Card Julius Jenkins
1 Target Red Card Rebekah Nagel 
1 SACU Debit Card Patricia Perez 
1 Postmates Debit Card "Postmates"
1 Southwest Visa  Dario E Valdez
1 American Express Caroline Munoz