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Statement on Racial Profiling

The UTSA Police Department (UTSAPD) has instituted a policy that prohibits the use of racial profiling and provides a complaint process for those who believe they have been stopped or searched based on racial, ethnic or national origin profiling.

Two of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the United States and Texas constitutions are equal protection under the law and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures by government agents. The right of all people to be treated equally and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures must be respected. Racial profiling is an unacceptable patrol tactic and will not be condoned at UTSAPD.

We strive to conduct police activities in a proactive and responsible manner and to enforce state and federal laws without regard to race, ethnicity or national origin. UTSA police officers are expected to treat all members of our community and the public with respect and dignity. Each police officer completes several training classes on these topics and more to enhance their ability to serve the UTSA community.

The UTSAPD accepts complaints from any person who believes he or she has been stopped or searched based on racial, ethnic or national origin profiling. All complaints will be investigated in a thorough and timely manner.

Compliments or Complaints

Compliments or complaints can be made by using our online compliment/complaint form, contacting us via email or by calling our office at 210-458-4242.

Submissions are also accepted via postal mail. Send your correspondence to:

UTSA Police Department
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

Information regarding the racial profiling policy for UT System Police is available online on the UT System Office of the Director of the Police website.