Emergency:  210-458-4911     Non-emergency:  210-458-4242      

Telecommunications Officer Employment

Telecommunications officers are the first responders behind the lines and are the first link between the police department and the community. UTSA relies on us to answer and dispatch emergency and non-emergency calls in a timely manner. We also play a critical role in managing emergency incident response. Our telecommunications officers are committed to excellence in the delivery of these services, while treating people with dignity, respect and empathy. 

As we process emergency and non-emergency calls on a daily basis, we coordinate, direct and record police activities to ensure prompt officer response. Ours is the first voice most people will hear when they call in seeking help. As of 2019, telecommunications officers are considered first responders in Texas.

In addition to managing emergency and non-emergency calls, we also operate emergency phones, two-way radios, telecommunications and computer terminal equipment, surveillance camera systems, and alarm and security systems. We gather information, dispatch emergency services, and maintain communications with responders and field personnel for a coordinated response.

We operate various computer terminals to support police officers and our community, including:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch system
  • DSX access control
  • CompleteView CCTV control
  • GCC Fire Alarm monitoring
  • E911 emergency call system
  • Mirra digital recorder
  • DCC Notifier emergency notification system


Our office is staffed by full-time licensed telecommunications officers who go through an extensive training program. Telecommunications officers are licensed through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). 

Once appointed by TCOLE for a temporary license, our Police Communications Operators have up to a year to complete their basic licensure course. Proper use of technology and effectively communicating under stressful situations are vital skills telecommunications officers should possess. The TCOLE course is designed to prepare you to perform successfully as a telecommunications officer.

To join our team, you must also possess multi-tasking abilities and be calm under high-pressure situations. Our efficient and accurate responses are critical to the safety and well-being of the university community and emergency responders.