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Rowdy Exchange Progress: July 2017 Update

Involved in purchasing? Sign up for Rowdy Exchange training now!

The system launched on July 17. Now all new requisitions must go through Rowdy Exchange. Visit the Rowdy Exchange website

  • Pilot Requestor Training--for members of the user acceptance testing team  
  • •For UTSA employees who currently use a procard, create and approve requisitions, and order goods and services
    •Learn about Rowdy Exchange and how to set up profile, shop, and approve in Rowdy Exchange
    •May 24 to July 31
  • •For employees who currently enter requisitions 
    •Learn how to purchase goods and services in Rowdy Exchange and enter all the required information.
    •June 12 to July 31
  • Following the launch, staff who are trained in Rowdy Exchange can get one-on-one help at the Rowdy Exchange Laboratories. Those who have started working in the e-procurement platform and have specific questions can stop by the labs and ask questions of the subject-matter experts. Visit theFinancial Affairs Training Room, NPB 1.412.

Visit the Rowdy Exchange website

About Rowdy Exchange                                 

  • WHAT – The Rowdy Exchange is an intuitive and comprehensive online shopping tool that connects directly to the PeopleSoft purchasing application. The software platform is Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), which we have named Rowdy Exchange for UTSA’s program. It offers end-users a “shopping cart” experience designed to make day-to-day purchasing easier.
    • An Overview and a more detailed Requester training class are being offered.
  • WHO – Affects all staff who are involved in purchasing goods and services at UTSA.
  • WHERE – All UTSA campuses and divisions.
  • WHEN – Mandatory training began in May. The system launched on July 17. All new requesitions must nowgo through Rowdy Exchange. Classes for employees new to the purchasing function will continue.
  • WHY – Easier ordering, easier approvals, easier invoicing. Rowdy Exchange presents an online shopping-cart experience, with many items ordered from digital catalogs. It is intuitive and comprehensive and offers greater buying power for UTSA, thus lower prices for purchasers.

Users create requisitions and purchase orders more easily than with previous systems, without duplication of effort. Shoppers can create templates for regular purchases, further speeding the buying process. Users can easily search their own or their department’s buying history.

Used by more than 100 higher education institutions, this 21st century purchasing platform simplifies and streamlines purchasing and approvals. The Rowdy Exchange offers the university cost savings, standardization, consolidation, and improved business processes. It helps individuals more efficiently buy products and services they need, while helping UTSA keep a handle on costs. 

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Your Purchasing Department Procurement Specialists

Purchasing and the Environment

You can buy more environmentally friendly goods and services. 

  • General Stores has available recycled copy paper for purchase.
  • 9 out of the top 10 office supply items UTSA purchases from preferred vendor “Today’s Business Solutions” are earth friendly. The 10th is packaged with recycled material.
  • Per agreement with our two preferred copier vendors, DOCUmation and Ricoh, copiers supplied to UTSA customers print on both sides of a sheet of paper, saving paper.
  • When you contact your Purchasing Specialist for assistance, they now ask vendors if there is an earth-friendly product in that category.
  • Rowdy Exchange will help UTSA buyers easily shop for earth-friendly products.

Rowdy Exchange will make it easier to identify HUB vendors as well.

Purchasing continues to work with both end-user departments and vendors to find more earth-friendly products and services of the highest quality and at a competitive price.

Updated 7-25-2017