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VPBA Newsletter - April 2005

Business Horizons

A monthly publication of Business Affairs

The University of Texas at
San Antonio

April 2005

In All We Do,
We Do With


Every Person,
Every Day,
Every Job

Kerry's Korner  Thank you for the overwhelming participation in the Business Affairs Survey of Organizational Excellence (SOE) that you took earlier this semester.  Your participation, and the survey results serve to reinforce your commitment to your own pursuit of excellence.

As promised, we are in the process of presenting the information to staff in Town Hall meetings.  To view dates of Town Hall meetings Click here. As you know, this survey is a part of an effort to measure organizational effectiveness and an opportunity to review staff employment experience over time.

Out of 459 employees, 382 responded for a strong response rate of 83%.  Our response rate was much higher than organizations of similar size and mission (academic institutions/state agencies) and that makes the data meaningful.

Through the survey, you said that:

  • Business Affairs is a good place to work.

  • You take pride and responsibility for the quality of the work you do and continually strive for improvement.

  • We have specific areas for improvement within departments.

Upcoming Events:

Town Hall Meetings

VPBA Breakfast - April 20
8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
MB Regents' Room - 3.106

VPBA Staff Relations - April 21
8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
VPBA Conference
Room MB 3.102



The Survey of Organizational Excellence

Constructs have been color coded to highlight the Business Affairs areas of strength and areas of concern.  The 5 highest scoring constructs are blue, the 5 lowest scoring constructs are red, and the remaining 10 constructs are yellow.

Each construct is displayed with its corresponding score.  Highest scoring constructs are areas of strength for this organization while the lowest scoring constructs are areas of concern.  Scores above 300 suggest that employees perceive the issue more positively than negatively, and scores of 400 or higher indicate areas of substantial strength.  Conversely, scores below 300 are viewed more negatively by employees, and scores below 200 should be a significant source of concern for the organization and should receive immediate attention.

To view Executive Summary click here.


Higher Scoring Constructs

  Moderate Scoring Constructs
  Lower Scoring Constructs

Due to personal reasons, Greg Sylvester will not be commencing employment with UTSA as our Director of Parking & Transportation.

Send newsletter suggestions to

New Staff Performance Evaluation Form
Beginning with the performance cycle February 1, 2005 through January 31, 2006, a new performance evaluation form is in the process of being developed. The revised form will provide managers and employees with an improved format to discuss performance expectations, results and opportunities for employee development.

The form will be available in shortly, giving managers and employees an opportunity to discuss the form and clarify performance expectations and goals for this next review cycle. Discussion with your manager regarding goals and objectives for the upcoming year should occur early in the performance cycle. These goals should be written on the new form for the employee to periodically review during the performance period.

Training sessions are currently scheduled regarding the form/process and will begin on April 12. They will be held at all 3 campuses.  All managers and supervisors who complete performance evaluations are required to attend one of the training sessions. Register online with TX Class: <>

Marty Baylor
Associate Vice President for
Financial Affairs  

Please welcome Marty
on April 11th

Kneeling, from left to right
: Eulalio “Lalo” Arizola, Michael Ryan, 
Pedro “Mr. Pete” Esquivel, Daniel Arreola, Bernadette “Bernie” Berain, and Alex Flores
  Standing, from left to right: John Japhet, Ernesto Chapa, Roberto “Robert” Rodriguez, Frederick “Fred” Wiedner, Juan Villarreal,Mario Telles, Dale Bailey, George Martinez,
 Jeffrey “Jeff” Graves,Cruz Cabello, Jacob Castillo, and Richard “Mr. Marrufo” Marufo.
Missing: Luis Cazares

The UTSA Downtown Campus recently received the Beautification Award from the Beautify San Antonio Association (BSAA).

The campus was chosen because of its continued dedication to enhance the downtown community with natural landscaping that includes various plants and trees.

"UTSA is very proud to receive this award because it means we have successfully contributed to San Antonio's desire to ensure that San Antonio maintains green space and trees," said Jesse Zapata, vice provost for the UTSA Downtown Campus.

Founded in 1947, the mission of BSAA is to make the Greater San Antonio area a cleaner, safer, more beautiful and healthful place in which to live and work.

Congratulations to our Grounds Maintenance Staff!


The Creative Person……

Is not afraid to ask questions that show ignorance.
Perseveres despite obstacles and opposition.
Has the ability to examine his or her own ideas objectively.
Does not blame others or make excuses for errors or failures.
Wants to examine things from the other person's point of view.
Is governed by inner stimulus rather than outer command and has a rising level of aspiration.
Is willing to stand alone if integrity demands it.
Believes, even after repeated failures, that he or she can solve a problem.
Believes in questioning the obvious, thinking outside the box.Author Unknown

The benefits office has received numerous telephone inquiries regarding retirement information.  If you have questions about your retirement goals you are invited to register for TXClass SD 243, lunch is provided.  The sessions are presented by retirement plan vendors.  Visit <> to view dates, times and locations for each vendor.