Operational Review Committee Membership


Member Name Unit

Academic College Dean

Mario Torres

College of Education & Human Development

Academic College Dean

Jonathon Halbesleben

College of Business

Academic College Department Chair

Raymond Swisher

HCaP - Sociology and Demography

Academic College Department Chair

Jon Taylor

COLFA - Political Science and Geography

Faculty Member at Large

Lyle Hood

CEID - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Member at Large

Michael Newell

University College

College Financial Lead

Mike Findeisen

College of Sciences

Academic Support Unit Leadership

Tammy Wyatt

Student Success

Academic Support Unit Financial Lead

Stacie Garza

Honors College

Administrative Support Unit Leadership

Corrina Green


Administrative Support Unit

Rebecca Anderson

Advancement and Alumni Engagement

Support Unit Member at Large

Anne Peters

University Relations

Auxiliary Unit Leadership

Laura Munroe

Campus Recreation

Faculty Senate Budget Committee Chair

Mary Dixson

COLFA - Communication

Staff Senate Representative

Amy Fritz

Financial Affairs

Space Committee Representative

Darren D'Attilio

Intercollegiate Athletics