UTSA Offering Open Airline Ticket Credits for University-Approved Travel

March 1, 2021


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic disrupted university travel scheduled after March 2020. Before the pandemic, airlines provided a credit to be used within a year of a canceled trip. With travel restrictions still in place, UT System is assisting with renegotiating airline contracts. Airline credits still have an expiration date, and there is a designated amount of credits available to be used only by faculty and staff. All university-purchased unused travel credits have been pooled centrally to maximize their use.

As a reminder, university travel must be approved through the international and domestic processes, and is restricted to trips that are mission- or health-critical. 

UTSA is offering open ticket credits to faculty and staff for university-approved travel on a first-come, first-served basis. This does not include student travel. The ticket credits exclude:

  • Sponsored project-paid tickets
  • Tickets not purchased by the university, but bought directly by a traveler

If your travel is approved, keep in mind that ticket credits with American Airlines expire on Dec. 31, 2021, and we recommended that you use these credits first if possible. United and Southwest Airlines ticket credits expire Sept. 30, 2022. Travel must be completed by the expiration dates.

To book travel using a ticket credit, you must call Corporate Travel Planner (CTP).  Concur cannot be used to book airfare using these credits.

If you have questions, contact Nora Compean.