Travel Vendors

How to Book Travel

You, as a UTSA employee traveling on business, have the option to use one of two required travel agencies when booking airfare: Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) or Anthony Travel (ATI). 

You may book flights by calling or emailing the travel agencies directly or by using the online tool, Concur. Make sure you use your individual or department One Card to pay for airfare.

Corporate Travel Planners Anthony Travel
website website
email email
toll free phone Toll free: 866-366-1142 toll free phone Toll free: 800-684-2044
emergency phone After hours emergency:
800-441-6512 / VIT Code S2P2A
local phone Local: 512-617-8444
agent Agent Contact Information emergency phone After hours emergency:
800-342-9008 / VIT Code SIN2F
Travel Fees Personal/Spousal Travel Fees


Concur is your one-stop online tool used to book domestic and international airfare and reserve hotel and car rentals. Email Disbursements & Travel Services to request your self-registration link to begin the process. Concur is not only convenient and easy to use, but departments can also earn commissions when booking international airfare or reserving from most common hotel chains online. The online benefits are simple and surely a doable venue to minimize expense, yet maximize on the returns.

  • Concur: Online help desk: 877-727-5188

Call one of our required car rental agencies directly or use Concur to reserve ground transportation from any of the authorized five car rental agencies: Enterprise, Avis, National, Budget and Hertz. 

Before your trip, ensure to bring along a completed Motor Vehicle Rental Exemption Certificate with the purpose of waiving any state taxes charged on your bill. If you are a frequent traveler, you may participate on any of the traveler incentive car rental rewards programs to gain additional perks and points when you travel. Email Disbursements & Travel Services to request the university’s contract numbers. For quick payment, remember to use your One Card.