Roadrunners combat on-campus food insecurity through Swipe Out Hunger

November 14, 2022


Last month, Campus Services and UTSA Dining partnered with the Whataburger Resource Room to host the third annual Swipe Out Hunger campaign, resulting in 1,168 meals donated to combat on-campus food insecurity.

Swipe Out Hunger is part of a national campaign to end student hunger. Each October, UTSA hosts a month-long donation drive encouraging meal plan holders to donate unused meal swipes. A key part of all meal plans offered at UTSA, each meal swipe grants one visit to the Roadrunner Café for an all-you-care-to-eat meal.

During this year’s campaign, 584 meal plan holders donated an unused meal swipe to support their fellow Roadrunners. UTSA Dining matched each donation made, doubling its impact.

“The impressive results from this year’s Swipe Out Hunger campaign demonstrate our Roadrunners’ commitment to supporting our campus community by taking advantage of opportunities to help those in need,” said Kevin Price, senior associate vice president for Campus Services and Housing. “Food insecurity on college campuses nationwide continues to be a key issue, especially in recent years due to the economic effects of the pandemic. The value and impact of student contributions through meal swipe donations cannot be overstated.”

All donations raised through the Swipe Out Hunger campaign will be allocated to the Whataburger Resource Room’s Meal Share Assistance program, which is offered in partnership with Campus Services and UTSA Dining. Students in need of meal assistance can apply to the program to request donated meals. Each semester, students can receive up to 15 meals for use in the Roadrunner Café. UTSA Dining and Campus Services donate 1500 meals to the program each academic year, and meal plan holders may also donate one unused meal swipe from their plan to the program per semester.

“The Meal Share Assistance program is such an important way for us to support our students,” said Nikki Lee, senior associate director for the Student Union and Whataburger Resource Room. “Applications for meals have doubled since last fall, and the semester isn't over yet. This shows us that this program is truly a vital resource for our students.”

Initiatives such as the Swipe Out Hunger campaign support efforts to meet the Meal Share Assistance program’s high demand. “This campaign has increased awareness. The generosity shown by meal plan holders to their fellow Roadrunners is incredibly heartwarming and special,” said Lee. “We are all working together to swipe out hunger on our campus.”

Meal plan holders who missed the chance to participate in Swipe Out Hunger and wish to support the Meal Share Assistance program still have a chance to contribute each semester by using the GET app to make a meal swipe donation. Roadrunners without a meal plan can continue to support the fight against campus hunger by donating directly to the Whataburger Resource Room. Food, supplies and monetary donations are accepted at any time. Volunteer opportunities are also available for anyone interested in helping stock shelves, sort food and other tasks.

Learn more about Swipe Out Hunger and how to get involved throughout the year.

Elyse Brown & Taylor Cavazos