Disability Verification for UTSA Testing Services


Examinees who are taking any standardized or placement tests through UTSA Testing Services will need to follow the procedures listed below in order for Student Disability Services to verify your accommodation needs.

(Note: Student Disability Services (SDS) at UTSA can only verify disability accommodation needs for students already registered with SDS.)


  1. If you are already registered with SDS, complete the Testing Services Form for tests provided by UTSA Testing Services. Please be sure the information your provide is accurate.

  2. If you are not already registered with SDS, you must complete the SDS registration process before we are able to complete your request for UTSA Testing Services. Please review the registration process at www.utsa.edu/disability/accommodations or contact our office at 210-458-4157 for more information.

  3. After completing the student portion of the form, deliver the form to SDS in MS 3.01.16 at the Main Campus or fax to 210-458-4980.

  4. If you are already registered in SDS, allow 5 business days to process your request. If you are not already registered with SDS, this process will take 3-4 weeks depending on the completeness of your documentation.

  5. Once SDS has reviewed and approved the appropriate accommodations, your completed accommodation request form will be forwarded to UTSA Testing Services and you will be notified via your contact information as noted on the form.

  6. Any specific information related to implementation of the approved accommodations and/or scheduling of your test must be arranged by you directly with UTSA Testing Services and/or the academic department for which you are taking the test.