Accessible Furniture


Student Disability Services offers accessible furniture (chairs and/or tables) to those students registered with SDS and who have been granted an accessible furniture accommodation. Each semester, eligible students must submit the Accommodation Request Form form to request notification of accommodation for the current semester. The student must also submit an Accessible Furniture Request Form to initiate the process for placement of either chairs and/or tables in their classes. Once you have requested your accommodations, the procedures are as follows:

  1. Complete the Accessible Furniture Request Form by providing the following information: course name, number and section, as well as the professor’s name and the room in which the class takes place.

  2. Allow at least 10 business days for placement of the furniture into the classrooms once you submit the “Accessible Furniture Request” form at least three weeks prior to classes beginning. (Note: If you submit the form any time after classes begin, it may take up to 3 weeks to place the furniture in the classroom).

  3. Continue communication with Student Disability Services if the accessible furniture is removed from the classroom during the semester so that SDS can help solve the concern.

  4. If someone is using the chair or table when you need it for class, call this to the attention of your instructor. If you have appropriately followed the procedures for requesting accommodations, your instructor should have notification from SDS explaining that this is part of your accommodations. If the issue continues, work closely with your instructor and seek his/her help if the problem continues in an effort to solve the situation.

  5. Once the furniture has been placed, Student Disability Services will communicate with the professor to let him/her know that the furniture has been placed, who it is for and for what class.