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Information for Referring a Student to Counseling

If you become aware that a student is having personal or family problems (for example, depressed mood, anxiety, recent loss), it is often useful to ask the student, “Are you talking with anyone about this?”

If you feel that the student would benefit from a counseling referral, it is usually best to express your concern and recommendation directly to the student and allow the student to make their own decision. “You should consider talking to a counselor about this. Did you know that UTSA offer counseling services to students?” Give the student our telephone number and encourage them to contact us by phone to get started.

If a student has emergency concerns and needs help immediately, offer to call counseling at 210-458-4142 while the student is present or walk the student over to the office (RWC 1.500). Examples of emergency concerns are:

  • I am concerned about the student being able to stay safe or keep themselves safe.
  • The student has a plan to kill or harm themselves.
  • The student reports an attempt to end their life in the last two weeks.
  • I am afraid the student might physically hurt someone else.
  • The student hears or sees things others do not.
  • If the risk of harm to themselves or others is imminent, or if you feel threatened, please contact UTSA Police at 210-4911.

If you call counseling on behalf of a student, identify yourself and explain to the receptionist that you are assisting a student in obtaining services. Be sure to let the receptionist know if it is a crisis or emergency situation.

Client confidentiality prohibits us from providing you with information about a student you have referred, but it is always appropriate for you to check back with the student to see whether he or she followed through on your recommendation.