Wellbeing Dispenser Locations

Wellbeing Services is proud and grateful for the opportunity to provide menstrual hygiene products to all UTSA students for free. All dispensers in the JPL, MS Building, and Student Union condom dispensers are refilled every Monday, every week. If any dispenser is out of product, please contact Wellbeing Services at Wellbeing.Education@utsa.edu with the dispenser location.

As a reminder, these products are for emergencies only, if you need more than what is for an emergency, please visit the Whataburger Resource Room in the Student Union.

Menstrual Hygiene Distribution Locations

  • JPL 4th Floor Bathrooms - 4.03.02 and 4.03.06

  • JPL 4th Floor Gender Neutral Bathroom - 4.04.13

  • MH Building - 2.01.18

  • MS Building - 2.02.08

Condom Distribution Locations

  • JPL 4th Floor Bathrooms - 4.0302 and 4.03.06

  • Student Union 1.02.04 - Wellbeing Services Suite

Dispenser Photos

Menstrual-Hygiene-Product-Dispenser-JPL.jpgJPL 4th Floor Bathroom Dispenser

Menstrual-Hygiene-Product-Dispenser-SU-2.jpgStudent Union Bathroom Dispenser


Student Union Bathroom Dispenser

MS Building Dispenser