Campus Services announces Parking Permit Design Contest winners

April 12, 2023

William Qin with his winning parking permit design.This year’s Parking Permit Design Contest was a great success, generating over 50 submissions from UTSA students eager to make their mark on campus history. Campus Services carefully reviewed all entries and is pleased to announce the winners.

  • First place: The grand prize goes to sophomore William Qin, who will get to see his bold, varsity-inspired design featured on thousands of cars across all UTSA campuses throughout the 2023-24 academic year. Additionally, he will receive a 2023-24 student garage parking permit for the garage of his choice.
  • Second place: Ayda Eghbalian, a computer science major, has won a $100 FastPass, good for 40 hours of parking in any Main Campus garage.
  • Third place: Karla Sofia Hernandez, a communications major, has won a $50 FastPass, good for 20 hours of parking in any Main Campus garage.

When asked what inspired his winning design, Qin said “I was going for a ‘varsity pennant’ theme, because it’s a look I associate with college.” He arrived at his final design by “experimenting with different elements, many of which were inspired by UTSA parking permits of previous years—the strips in the 2017-18 permit, the background photo in the 2019-20 permit, the bookmark shape hanging down the upper-left of the 2021-22 permit.”

Qin is a computer science student who enjoys the technical aspects of his field. However, he says that working with and learning from peers has shown him that “graphic design is important to making a computer science project polished and appealing to users.” Qin is not afraid to employ his own graphic design capabilities when given the chance, noting that “Graphic design is something I like to do as part of larger projects that aren’t solely visual.”

The Parking Permit Design Contest is an important annual event for Campus Services. “The contest provides a unique opportunity for Roadrunners to demonstrate their creativity,” said Clay Haverland, assistant vice president for Campus Services. “UTSA parking permits are displayed in tens of thousands of vehicles every year, enabling our students’ art to be seen throughout our community.”

Qin’s winning design will be adapted for display on all permit types. Parking permits for the 2023-24 academic year are expected to be available for purchase no later than July 1, 2023 and will begin mailing in August.