Effective August 1, 2022, the FastPass was updated from the former swipe card pass to an RFID hangtag. FastPass holders who have not yet done so should visit a cashier in the Bauerle Road or Ximenes Avenue Garage to trade out their existing card pass for a new hangtag.

FastPass is a reloadable RFID parking pass for hourly parking in Main Campus garages without pulling a ticket or waiting in line at paystations. Anyone—students, employees, and visitors—can use FastPass as a convenient parking payment option.

How does FastPass work?

FastPass is a convenient way to park in Main Campus garages without purchasing a permit, pulling a ticket when entering, or waiting in line at paystations or cashier windows. To use your FastPass, simply display your hangtag from your rearview mirror. The RFID sensors at the garage gates will read your permit when you enter and exit the garage, and hourly funds will be automatically deducted from your account.

While garage permit holders are guaranteed a parking space inside the garages, hourly parking (including FastPass) is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Peak campus hours may affect garage space availability for hourly parkers.

Purchase a FastPass

Purchase a FastPass at the Ximenes Avenue Garage (XAG) and Bauerle Road Garage (BRG) cashier windows or at the Campus Services office at the Downtown Campus (FS 2.418). An initial balance of $10 is required.

Reload Funds
Add funds to your FastPass in denominations of $5 or more. The FastPass is ready for immediate use.
Check Balance
Check your FastPass balance through MyParking. Login to your account, select View Permits, and click on FastPass to view your balance.

FastPass to Permit

With FastPass, you can buy a UTSA garage parking permit at your pace.

  1. Purchase and use your FastPass.
  2. When the cost of your current surface permit added to the amount spent on FastPass parking equals the current cost of a garage parking permit, Campus Services will give you a garage parking permit.

Garage parking permit of choice is subject to availability and valid for the current academic year. Visit a garage cashier window for more information.


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