Peanut Butter Parking Campaign lets Roadrunners pay eligible parking citations with peanut butter donations

August 28, 2023


peanut butter campaignUTSA Campus Services is asking Roadrunners to help stock the Whataburger Resource Room in an innovative way: paying eligible parking citations with a donation of peanut butter.

The Peanut Butter Parking Campaign returns this year after a three-year hiatus. During the campaign, customers can pay one eligible parking citation issued between Monday, Aug. 28 and Friday, Sept. 1 with a peanut butter donation. Roadrunners have two weeks from the date of the citation to make their peanut butter payment.

Paying citations with peanut butter has a dual benefit for the university community. At the end of the campaign, all donations will be delivered to the Whataburger Resource Room, UTSA’s on-campus food pantry that helps students reach their full academic and personal potential by providing access to healthy and nutritious food, as well as other necessities.

“Not only does this initiative provide a creative way to educate the campus community about parking, it underscores our dedication to student success and helping those in need in our community,” said Senior Associate Vice President for Campus Services Kevin Price. “We’re thrilled to bring back the Peanut Butter Campaign this year so that we can continue to make a positive impact while enhancing the campus experience for all Roadrunners.”

The following parking citations issued from Aug. 28 – Sept. 1 are eligible for peanut butter payment:

  • Parking without a valid permit: $25
    Peanut butter payment: Donate 40 oz.
  • Parking without a proper permit: $50
    Peanut butter payment: Donate 40 oz.
  • Parking without a valid permit: $100
    Peanut butter payment: Donate 80 oz.

Donations can be made at Campus Services on the Main Campus (Multidisciplinary Studies Building 1.01.52) or the Downtown Campus (Frio Street Building 2.424C) during standard business hours. To participate, bring the eligible parking citation and associated peanut butter donation—plastic containers only; no glass. The donation must be received within 14 days of the citation issuance date, otherwise standard payment is due along with the usual $10 late fee.

Campus Services also welcomes and encourages donations without citations. Allergen-friendly donations of sun butter or other nut butters are also welcome, in the volume indicated above if donating to pay for a citation.

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