Requesting Your Records


To request a copy of all or part of your disability record from Student Disability Services at UTSA, please follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Send a written request to Student Disability Services

  • Include the following information in your written request:

  • Your name, Banner ID number, date of birth and contact information

  • Specifically state whether you want

    • Entire SDS file

    • Part of SDS file (i.e. assessments, accommodations letters)

Student service records covered by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) are made available to you within 30 days of the written request and SDS will only hold copies of your record for 15 calendar days at the end of the 30 day request period. If the records are not picked up, these copies will be destroyed/shredded.

Note: Records for students with disabilities are maintained in the SDS office until 7 years after the student’s last semester of enrollment and are subsequently shredded.