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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 2 - Faculty and Academics
Publication Date: February 10, 2006
Policy Reviewed Date: October 4, 2022
Policy Owner: VP for Academic Affairs

2.07 Part-Time Appointment for Tenured Faculty

This policy applies to tenured faculty who no longer wish to teach, research and perform service on a full-time basis or want to fulfill their tenure obligation on a less than full time basis for an extended period of time in order to pursue other interests or goals.

  1. Scope
    Any tenured faculty member may request part-time appointment status. Part-time appointment consists of anything less than the existing full-time teaching, service and research requirements. A tenured faculty member may request a fifty (50) percent workload, for example, in which case he or she would be expected to fulfill only half of the current expected teaching, service and research requirements. A thirty-three (33) percent workload would consist of one-third (1/)3 of expected teaching, service and research.
  2. Compensation
    Faculty members will be compensated for their part-time status at a level proportionate to their full salary. For example, a faculty member who assumes a fifty (50) percent workload will receive half of his or her current salary.
  3. Process
    Faculty members must request to change their appointment status from full-time to part-time in writing to their department chair. Requests must be made at least six (6)months prior to the term in which their status is to change. Faculty members should specify in their requests the part-time workload they wish to adopt. The department chair will review the request and make a recommendation regarding the workload and performance expectations for the faculty member while serving in part-time status, which will then be sent to the dean and provost for final decision. Requests for part-time status will be granted only with the interest of the institution being given first consideration. Considerations in making the determination of whether to grant the request should include the financial implications to the institution as well as the programmatic implications.

    The change back to full-time status is dependent on the interest of the institution, availability of funds, and programmatic implications.
    1. Tenured faculty members will not lose their tenure status by taking a part-time workload, nor will they lose their standing in the university assembly, graduate council, or other university bodies.
    2. This policy in no way affects current university policy regarding sick leave, family leave, and other forms of approved leave. This policy is exclusive of Phased Retirement Contracts.
  4. Employment Benefits
    1. If a faculty member appointment drops below one hundred (100) percent, his/her benefits will be affected. A faculty member who is considering part-time status must contact Human Resources for further information.
    2. If a faculty member appointment drops below one hundred (100) percent, the university will only pay fifty (50) percent of the premium sharing for group insurance benefits.
    3. If a faculty member appointment drops below fifty (50) percent, he/she is not entitled to benefits at all, but may be eligible to purchase COBRA for health coverage for a limited time as provided by COBRA.
    4. If a faculty member appointment drops below fifty (50) percent, he/she can no longer contribute to either the Optional Retirement Program or the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). Retirement issues for TRS participants can be significant and the faculty member is solely responsible for obtaining and assessing the impact of the part-time status he/she requests.