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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 9 - General Provisions
Publication Date: September 15, 2011
Policy Reviewed Date: December 11, 2023
Policy Owner: Vice President for Business Affairs

9.46 Travel Policy


University paid travel is authorized by the State of Texas Travel Regulations Act (Texas Government Code § 660, et seq.), the General Appropriations Act, the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, official interpretations of the Travel Act as made by the State Comptroller of Public Accounts, and by the policies of this Handbook.    


Board of Regents Rule 20801 requires institutions of the University of Texas System (U.T. System) to issue travel regulations covering authorization for travel and reimbursement for approved travel to implement applicable provisions of State law and regulations for the guidance of all personnel concerned.


This policy applies to all employees and prospective employees whose travel costs are being paid by the university, including student employees who are traveling for reasons related to their employment. 

This policy also applies to travel by students participating in study abroad, national student exchanges, student teaching, internships, practicums, observations and those attending athletic events held out of town, including NCAA Division I athletes attending NCAA athletic activities or events, when the travel is being paid by the university.

This policy does not apply to student travel covered under the Student Travel Process administered by the division of Student Affairs pursuant to HOP policy 5.18, Travel or Events that Involve Students and Other Non-Employee Participants. Examples of activities or events covered under that policy include course-related field trips, research trips for students organized by a faculty member, campus recreation programs, student organization trips, and conferences and meetings where students are serving as university representatives.



UTSA or UT System Policies or the Board of Regents' Rules & Regulations

Other Policies and Standards


If you have any questions about HOP policy 9.46, Travel Policy, contact the following office:

Disbursements and Travel Services
Phone: 210-458-4213


All employees are required to be aware of and comply with the applicable laws, institutional policy and administrative guidelines regarding travel paid from university funds. Failure to comply could result in non-reimbursement of travel expenses. Department heads authorized to approve travel are responsible for compliance with institutional policies and for assuring that travel costs are allowed and necessary, and by communicating these requirements to traveling employees. 

The U.T. System has suspended all travel to countries with United States Department of State (DoS) Travel Warnings. Exemptions to the suspension of travel to such countries or to areas where significant health and or safety concerns are present must be requested and approved in advance of the travel by following institutional procedures regarding the Institutional Oversight Committee:

Employees are strongly discouraged from using personal vehicles for conducting official university business. When employees utilize their own vehicles, their personal auto insurance is primary at all times and they should be informed of this.

When allowed, requests for exceptions to travel reimbursement procedures must be documented and approved in advance by the Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs or designee.  


Specific processing requirements for travel authorization, advances and reimbursement are found at the Financial Management Operational Guidelines website, Section 9.

Information regarding UTSA’s policy on international travel to restricted regions is found at the Global Initiatives website:

More information regarding international travel related to UTSA is found at the Global Initiatives website:


Travel Authorization Guideline:

Travel Advance Guideline:

Travel Reimbursement Guideline:

UTSA Restricted Regions List:

United States Department of State Travel Warnings:

Individual International Travelers – Travel Restriction Exception Request Form:

International Group Travel – Travel Restriction Exception Request Form:



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