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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 4 - Personnel General
Publication Date: January 1, 1991
Responsible Executive: VP for Business Affairs

4.08 Employees as Students


With the approval of the supervisor and the appropriate administrative officer, a full-time staff employee may enroll for college level course work or some other form of educational training program of not more than a total of three semester hours or equivalent which is conducted during his or her normal working hours during Spring or Fall Semesters only. Participation in such an educational or training program must be related to the current or prospective assignment of the employee and also must be made a part of the employee's present duty assignment. If the education or training is not related to the employee's current or prospective assignment, any time absent during normal duty hours will have to be made up. This policy likewise applies to an employee who seeks to audit a course. The employee must otherwise meet all of the required qualifications for admission. Course work or training in which an employee participates during his or her normal time off is not subject to these provisions.

Rules Applying to Faculty Members

The following guidelines shall be The University of Texas System policy concerning work toward an advanced degree by faculty members:

  1. Any faculty member (tenured or not) may pursue an advanced degree in a component institution of the UT System other than the one at which he or she is employed.

  2. Any nontenured faculty member who wishes to pursue an advanced degree on his or her home campus may be recommended by the head of the division in which he or she is employed, and the recommendation must be approved by the appropriate Dean(s) and the President.

  3. No tenured faculty member may pursue an advanced degree on his home campus.

  4. Depending upon the amount of course work leading to a degree carried by the faculty member (student), adjustments in salary may be made as deemed appropriate by the head of the institution in which he or she is employed. Any paid faculty development leave for such a purpose may be paid only from faculty salaries as permitted under legislative appropriations or from non-state funds.

  5. Tenure-track faculty members who wish to enroll in classes for credit not leading to a degree or to audit a class shall be limited to enrolling in or auditing one class per semester. Faculty shall obtain written approval from the respective Department Chair and Dean prior to enrolling in the class. Non-tenure track faculty may enroll in or audit classes not leading to a degree with prior approval of the respective Department Chair and Dean. Tenure track faculty shall not enroll in classes with the intent of obtaining an undergraduate degree without the prior written approval of the Department Chair, Dean, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and President.