Generosity Lands Alumna at Aerospace Company

AerospaceCompany_Audrey-Stipe-1.jpgFirst generation college student, Audrey Stipe ’15, found her passion in the field of manufacturing while attending The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

With the stress that can accompany working multiple jobs and internships, receiving The Ruben M. and Veronica S. Escobedo Endowed Scholarship gave Audrey Stipe ’15 the opportunity to focus on her demanding studies and laboratory work while supporting herself through college.

“When I received the scholarship, not only did it eliminate my worries about paying tuition, it also made me feel like someone believed in me. I come from a family where neither of my parents graduated college and my father did not see a need for higher education. It was amazing that someone was confident in me and thought I was deserving of the opportunity to become successful in my career of choice,” expressed Audrey.

After two years at San Antonio College (SAC), Audrey transferred to UTSA in 2011. To date, the scholarship she received continues to primarily support UTSA transfer students from SAC.

“We believe in giving back. If we have the resources it is our responsibility to help students,” said Veronica Escobedo.

Since the creation of the scholarship fund in 1996, Ruben and Veronica have generously supported 25 UTSA transfer students.

“We wanted to give students who didn’t have the resources to complete their studies the same opportunities our children had. I am impressed with the quality education our children received and how involved UTSA is in the San Antonio community,” said Ruben Escobedo.

One semester before graduating from UTSA with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Audrey received a job offer from Boeing. She is already proving herself to be a successful engineer. After four years at Boeing, she quickly rose through the ranks of the company and became the lead manufacturing engineer for all integration manufacturing on NASA’s Exploration Upper Stage.

Audrey attributes finding her dream, her success, and confidence to Ruben and Veronica’s generosity.

“Receiving the Escobedo scholarship showed me that donors see me as worthy to receive an education. It was both financially and immensely emotionally supportive for me as a UTSA student,” said Audrey.

Not only did receiving The Ruben M. and Veronica S. Escobedo Endowed Scholarship provide Audrey the educational opportunities she would have struggled to receive otherwise, but it also taught her the importance of giving back to other students. Today, Audrey remains connected to the university and as a member of the UTSA Alumni Association, she regularly gives back.

“Because of the Escobedos’ generosity, I believe it is important for me to pay it forward so that other students can have the same opportunities I was given…it is important that students know they are worthy to receive an education regardless of their financial position.”

-Jordan Allen, Development Writer