Matthew Jackson

The Small Business Development Center National Information Clearinghouse (SBDCNet) serves as a driving force for entrepreneurial achievement and innovation at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). With its wealth of knowledge, guidance, and student support, SBDCNet has become an indispensable resource for UTSA students, providing them with the necessary tools and insights to excel in the competitive world of business. Spearheading this initiative is Matthew Jackson '10, '16, a devoted alumnus of UTSA and the Director of SBDCNet, whose passion for business and entrepreneurship has propelled the program to new heights, personally hiring and training over 100 UTSA students to work within the center.

Jackson began his own educational journey as a mechanical engineering student in UTSA's Klesse College, but his true calling led him to redirect his focus toward business management in the Alvarez College of Business (ACOB). He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2010 and later his Master of Business Administration in technology management from ACOB in 2016. As an alumnus, Jackson finds immense satisfaction in giving back to his alma mater, utilizing his expertise to guide and inspire students who share his passion for the business world.

“We teach students the importance of creating a consistent product, integrity, and accountability in providing very critical data that folks are going to use to make real-life decisions all across the country,” expressed Jackson. “Working for SBDCNet really broadens students’ horizons by helping them develop their soft skills, professionalism, and immersing them in a wide variety of industries and concepts.”

SBDCNet plays a pivotal role in supporting small businesses nationwide by offering invaluable resources and assistance. Its comprehensive database of market research, industry analysis, and business intelligence empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions, develop effective strategies, and overcome the greatest challenges in today's competitive business landscape. This support extends to UTSA students, who work at SBDCNet as paid interns or work-study employees. Through hands-on experience and exposure to real-world business scenarios, these students collaborate with industry professionals and experts. They have the unique opportunity to apply their academic knowledge, enhance their skills, and contribute to the success of small businesses by providing research, data analysis, and support services. The impact of these opportunities is evident in the success stories of former SBDCNet work-study students and interns who have transitioned into roles within esteemed corporations such as Frost & Sullivan, Valero, USAA, Ernst & Young, Boeing, Oracle, and many others.

“The mentorship and guidance Matthew has given me during my time with SBDCNet has been invaluable. My development as a person and as a professional has been exponential and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity,” said Kaimata Heine ‘23. “My admission in to the UTSA Master of Accountancy program and full-time job offer would not have been possible without my experience at SBDCNet.” 

Recognized by his SBDCNet colleagues, Jackson received UTSA's prestigious Excellence in Leadership Award in 2018, a remarkable testament to his dedication to his team. In 2022, he received distinguished recognition from America's SBDC as one of their esteemed 40 Under 40 honorees. This award celebrates the exceptional achievements of young and innovative business professionals within SBDCs nationwide. One of Jackson's primary goals as the Director of SBDCNet is to secure additional funding resources to bolster support for UTSA students. Supporting SBDCNet not only invests in the development of students but also drives economic progress by building a strong workforce pipeline. 

"Donor and alumni support would have a direct and lasting impact on the growth of our program, enabling us to increase student employment opportunities in areas they are genuinely passionate about,” explained Jackson. “Countless students from SBDCNet have gone on to achieve remarkable career success, including within our program and the broader university.”

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-Jordan Allen