Dr-Frantz-Next-Gen-Researchers.jpgOne of the most important goals for Dr. Doug Frantz is to leave a legacy for his students; they are his reason for dedicating his life to research at UTSA. Dr. Frantz was drawn to UTSA's vast potential for growth in the Department of Chemistry. He credits The Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry with allowing him to train the next generation of scientists while conducting his own research.

Dr. Frantz says that having the support of The Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry is critical to maintain and increase UTSA's trajectory in research and create opportunities for himself and his students, who he believes benefit the most from this endowment. This endowed professorship enables Dr. Frantz to offer fellowships for his students, which allows them to spend more time researching rather than juggling classes, off-campus jobs, and time in the lab.

"It's clear that The Voelcker Fund believes in what we do here at UTSA. It's been incredibly supportive in our ability to attract the best and brightest students," Dr. Frantz said. Ultimately, Dr. Frantz seeks to translate his basic discoveries into treatments for patients with the intention of ending up in their medicine cabinets. He even has his eye on opening up his own company in San Antonio, benefitting the city and UTSA.

"The Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund has been critical in getting my research off the ground here at UT San Antonio...I am indebted to The Voelcker Fund. I know they're going to be a huge part of us moving forward."

The primary goal of The Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund is to support research that finds cures for medical diseases. Mr. Banks Smith, a Voelcker Fund trustee, shared that he has been extremely impressed by UTSA and its College of Sciences in their pursuit of medical cures. The Voelcker Fund is passionate about supporting medical research for several reasons, one being the excitement among researchers themselves. The Voelcker Fund understands that their dedication is a critical aspect to elevating UTSA as a top research institution in the country.

"Why UTSA? Because it is a tremendous research institution and research is the focus of the Voelcker Fund... the quality of the faculty at UTSA is reflected in the quality of their research and it is excellent," Banks said.