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January 24, 2024 — Long-time dedicated advocates of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), Brian Tramontano ‘94, and his wife, Kelly, are leaving a lasting legacy of generosity that encompasses support for both the university's athletic facilities and individual student-athletes. The pair began supporting the university’s academic programs in 1997 and have since become instrumental to the success of Roadrunner Athletics.

Brian's journey to support the athletics department began when a former fraternity brother approached him for support. This connection-driven path led Brian to become not just a financial contributor but an integral part of UTSA's extended family. He currently holds positions as a member of the UTSA Alumni Association and has served as the Vice President of the Roadrunner Foundation since 2019. 

Kelly Tramontano, although not a UTSA alumna herself, has embraced the university as her own. Her deep passion for sports and commitment to empowering female athletes stem from her own experiences as a former soccer player at the University of Arkansas. Drawing upon these experiences, Kelly recognized the crucial need for top-tier facilities, motivating the Tramontanos to recently support the Park West Fieldhouse, home to UTSA's women's soccer and track and field teams. Additionally, they played a pivotal role in supporting the construction of the Roadrunner Athletic Center for Excellence (RACE), a project they take immense pride in. 

The Tramontanos' dedication extends to their active involvement in UTSA24, a donor group dedicated to bolstering the men's and women's golf programs. Beyond financial contributions, this initiative offers mentorship and networking opportunities for student-athletes. Donors provide guidance for students' post-graduation career prospects, serving as a valuable resource for young athletes forging their paths. 

For the Tramontanos, UTSA's success transcends mere game statistics. Brian emphasizes his desire to inspire others to contribute, underscoring the importance of direct support for sports programs. His aspiration is to motivate others to donate, understanding that as UTSA thrives, so does the city of San Antonio.

“My hope is that we are able to encourage others to give. Sports are such an important part of any university,” said Brian. “I’d love to be able to see others donate because as UTSA grows, the entire San Antonio community rises with it.”