Pre-Dental Hygiene Pathway

Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene (BSDH) Admissions Pathway

Dental Hygienists are trained to evaluate a patient’s dental health. Their duties include taking x-rays, cleaning teeth, and applying fluorides and sealants to teeth. Dental hygienists are responsible for providing dental health education on topics such as oral hygiene, toothbrush selection, the use of dental floss, and how diseases such as diabetes affect a patient’s oral health.



UTSA does not offer a degree for Dental Hygiene. Students can complete their pre-requisites toward Dental Hygiene school application.

Timeline for dental hygiene school applicants. This timeline is subject to change based on students’ competitiveness and readiness to apply.

dental hygiene school application timeline

Pre-requisite Coursework

Before applying to a Dental Hygiene program, schools will expect you to establish academic readiness through undergraduate coursework. Dental Hygiene Schools have specific coursework that is required for admission.

Research the requirements of the schools where you plan to apply for course requirements will and can vary from school to school. You can consult the individual dental hygiene school websites for information on admission requirements.


UTHSA Dental Hygiene Program Pre-requisite List