Pre-Nursing Pathway: Joint BSN-MDST 2+2 (FANS)

UTSA and UT Health San Antonio (UTHSA) have partnered to offer the Joint BSN-MDST 2+2 Pre-Nursing Pathway, also known as FANS (Facilitated Agreement to Nursing School). This nursing pathway allows students to study multidisciplinary fields such as biology, chemistry, and social sciences as they complete prerequisite nursing coursework. 


Target audience: Students attending UTSA following high school graduation and who want to attend UT Health San Antonio’s School of Nursing to become a Registered Nurse.

Program Overview: UTSA provides a pathway for students who are interested in a BSN through a 2 and 2 pathway with UT Health San Antonio Nursing School. UTSA students who qualify and get accepted into the BSN Nursing program at UTHSA will receive a B.S. degree in Multidisciplinary Studies (MDST) from UTSA and a B.S. degree in Nursing (BSN) from UT Health San Antonio upon successful completion of the program within a 4-year time period

Program Requirements

  • Complete the required UTHSA Pre- Nursing Prerequisite Coursework
  • All UTHSA Pre-requisite courses must be completed at UTSA. AP or Dual Credit earned prior to attending UTSA is permissible.
  • Opt-In to completing the UTSA MDST Degree Required Courses (total of 12 semester credit hours)
  • Apply for admission to UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing and be admitted to either the fall or spring Entry- Level BSN cohort.

Guaranteed Interview Requirements

Have a minimum 3.60 Prerequisite GPA at time of Nursing application

Must have a minimum 84 score on the TEAS exam


When to Apply

UTHSA Requires all Math and Science Pre-requisite courses are complete prior to application for the fall or spring cohort. UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing Deadlines:

  • Fall Admission - Feb 1st
  • Spring Admission - Aug 1st  

Pathway applicants must also have completed a minimum of 51 hours of the UTHSA Pre-requisite courses. At time of application, no more than 9 non-science pre-requisites may be incomplete.


Please see list of UTSA course equivalents for the UT Health San Antonio Nursing School Pre-requisites.

For suggestions on your semester by semester schedules, please view the Multidisciplinary Studies Homepage

Speak with a Health Profession Advisor for more details.