Competency Exploration

Competency development is essential to pre-health professions students' development and application planning. When planning to submit a well-developed application, pre-health profession students will need to focus on creating opportunities for personal growth. These opportunities are more than just the technical activities an applicant may enter on their primary application. Instead, they represent your awareness and understanding of the skills, behaviors, and abilities gained by participating in these activities/experiences. Demonstrating your awareness of skills, behaviors, and abilities learned is called 'competency development.'

The tiles below represent opportunities to explore and find specific activities to help your competency growth.

Student Union Building
Core Competencies
Volunteer handing out food
Community Service
Group shot of student organization
UTSA Health Professions Student Org's
Person typing on a laptop
Personal Statement Writing
Person holding a resume
Preparing for Interviews
Outside of UTSA building
Enrichment Opportunities