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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 5 - Students
Publication Date: June 7, 2017
Policy Reviewed Date: January 10, 2022
Policy Owner: VP for Business Affairs

5.10 Student Tuition and Fee Installment Plan Requirements, Consequences for Nonpayment


Section 54.007 of the Texas Education Code authorizes the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System (UT System) to provide for the payment of tuition and mandatory fees during the fall and spring semesters through the following alternatives:

  • Full payment of tuition and fees in advance at the beginning of the semester; or
  • 30% payment of tuition and fees in advance of the beginning of the semester, 35% payment prior to the start of the sixth class week, and the final 35% payment before the beginning of the eleventh class week.

If a student elects to pay tuition and fees by installment and is subsequently granted financial aid, the financial aid will be applied to the payment of tuition and fees currently owed and the balance of the financial aid, if any, will be paid to the student. A student, whose financial aid awards are currently available to cover the total amount of tuition and fees, may not elect to pay by the installment plan option.

A student who fails to make full payment of tuition and fees, including any authorized incidental fees, by the date that such payments are due is subject to one or more of the following penalties at the option of the university.

    1. hold against readmission;
    2. withholding of grades, degree, and official transcript, and/or denial of credits; and
    3. any other penalty or action authorized by law


This policy establishes the requirements of students and the administration regarding tuition and fee payments made by an installment plan, as well as potential adverse actions that may be taken as a result of an unpaid installment plan agreement.  These requirements are established by Education Code and Board of Regents rules.


This policy applies to any student of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) who elects to make tuition and fee payments through an installment plan option.



UTSA or UT System Policies or the Board of Regents Rules & Regulations

Other Policies and Standards


If you have questions about HOP policy 5.10, Student Tuition and Fee Installment Plan Requirements, Consequences for Nonpayment, contact the following offices:

Financial Services and University Bursar

Fiscal Services Office


Class week

  • Normally consists of the seven week days inclusive of Monday through Sunday.  The first calendar week of classes is considered a full class week, regardless of the day classes actually start. Class days refer to days the university schedules classes, not to the individual student's schedule.

Fee Types

  • Mandatory fees: required of every student enrolled as of the official enrollment date.
  • Course-specific fees: required of students when enrolled in particular courses with Board of Regent approved fees attached to the course section.
  • Incidental fees: fees approved by the Board of Regents when appropriate to recover the actual cost of material or services provided to the fee payer by the university.

Financial aid

  • Includes all forms of payments received by students, or received by the university on behalf of the students, for the express purpose of defraying the cost of education.  Financial aid includes grants, scholarships, loans, and stipends disbursed by the university.


  • Restriction on a student record that prohibits access to registration, grades, transcripts and / or diplomas.

Installment Payment Option

  • Option to pay tuition and fees in multiple payments over a specified period of time, with the first payment due before the semester or term begins and the final payment due before the semester or term ends.


Fiscal Services             

  • Collect promissory note for signature to each student requesting the installment payment option
  • Restrict installment option from those students with financial aid sufficient to pay for current semester balance
  • Place university hold on students who fail to make scheduled payments


  • Apply for installment payment option when registering for Fall or Spring terms (not offered during Summer terms)
  • Sign installment promissory note and make initial payment
  • Abide by payment terms and make payments as scheduled


The installment payment plan option is offered in each long semester (Fall/Spring) for all students in good academic standing with no prior university holds. 

After registration, each student must opt-in to the Installment Payment plan by choosing this option in the RowdyPay payment portal within the Automated Student Access Program (ASAP).  There is a one-time $16 non-refundable fee assessed to each student who chooses this option, which is only allowed for mandatory tuition and fees.  The first payment, which includes the installment fee, any non-mandatory assessments and the 30% of mandatory tuition and fees, must be paid by the scheduled deadline to hold registered classes.

Each student who chooses the installment payment option will be required to sign a promissory note and make the three payments as per the payment deadlines set for each semester.  Non-receipt of the initial payment will result in removal from classes for non-payment.  Late payment of either of the final two installments will result in assessment of a $10 fee for each late payment and placement of a university hold on the student account.

Any written or electronic agreement authorized by the student must state that a student who fails to make full payment of tuition and fees by the specified due date, including incidental and late fees, may be prohibited from registering for classes until full payment is made.  In addition, the student may not receive academic credit for work done during the semester or term.

University records may be adjusted to reflect failure to have properly enrolled for that semester or term. Any student failing to make an installment payment when due will have a university hold placed on their account that will prohibit readmission and will result in the withholding of grades, degree and official transcripts until the student clears the debt to the university.

Student holds are not removed without payment in full unless approved by the Director of Financial Services and University Bursar by submission of a written appeal.
In the event of non-payment to UTSA, one or more of the following actions may be taken:

    1. Suspension;
    2. Hold against readmission for the student;
    3. Withholding of a degree to which the student otherwise would be entitled;
    4. Removal from university housing; and/or
    5. Placement of a past-due balance with a professional collection agency.



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